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    Brad Linkus

    We have been a MG Distributor for a while and have them in stock along with Bridgestones, Maxxis, Dunlop. IMI Motorsports, with the largest selection of karts and accessories in the midwest.

    Kurt Freiburg

    Brad –

    When did you move to the midwest? 🙁

    More seriously, what will the tire rules be for your club series – MG only, or last year’s durometer-based CSC rules, or ?


    Brad Linkus

    I don’t concider Denver the West, California is West. As of now you can run any of the same tires as last year for the IMI races. I had a deal with MG but they have not followed through yet so I will not spec them as the only tire you can run at IMI for racing.

    Curt Kistler

    I have been reading the post’s about MG’s, spec tires, club rules vs. CSC rules…
    Having run on nothing but Brigstone YHC, and on occasion YHB’s, for over three years now I have been very PRO-Brigstone. I was a little upset that we were going to “have to purchase” another tire for SKUSA/CSC rules.
    Well, after sneaking up to GJ last weekend and testing under full race trim, I broke down and bought a set of MG yellow’s. Both Team Doghouse Pro karts ran over 100 laps, at weight, spec fuel and oil, yada yada yada…
    Now I’m pissed at Brigstone!!!!!! We have another 75-100 laps of rubber on our MG’s! :cheers: What a surprise it was to get a good read on tire wear, have a driver actually come off the track with no tire issues, and have enough rubber left to go play another day.
    Even the spec fuel, purchased at Big T was a treat. Motors ran great, plug was clean, piston was happy… All-in-all it was very successful day testing.
    So far we are pleased with the rules, tires, fuel and weights. Just one teams opinion however, and I am sure some of you are not as pleased as us. Race day #1 is right around the corner, so go get some yellows and have fun.
    See you at “The Track” soon.



    But we can run the CSC spec’d MGs for the club races, correct?

    Jeff Jones


    Unless something has changed here is what Brad sent to me regarding IMI track races for this year:

    From: blink
    To: dnew
    Posted: Wed 03 2, 2005 7:10 pm
    Subject: Re: a couple of questions
    We will be running the MG tires. The fuel will be what we sold last year. The tech will be done on one class each week. The protest fee is now $200. I may do more tech if I see there is a problem.


    Thanks Don. Brad didn’t appear to be ruling out running the MGs, just running ONLY the MGs. Thought I would double check.


    Kyle Ray

    Why wont there be a spec tire for imi club races?

    Racers using MG yellows for CSC can not run them at IMI club races if we use the same tire rule as 2004.

    MG yellows= CIK M

    In 2004 the only class that could run CIK M tires was Pro 125.


    Angie MacEwen

    Kyle, according to TAG USA rules, the YHC and the MG Yellow are comparable.
    This was taken from the TAG USA rules…….

    5.0 Tire Specifications

    5.1 55 Durometer hardness minimum unless otherwise specified. See table below for
    tires meeting the hardness requirements.

    Manufacturer. . . . . Compound
    Bridgestone. . . . . . .YHC
    Dunlop. . . . . . . . . .SL 4
    Maxxis. . . . . . . . . .HG(HT) 3
    Burris. . . . . . . . . . .M 30
    MG. . . . . . . . . . . . .Yellow
    Vega. . . . . . . . . . . Red

    Kyle Ray

    Ok so MG yellows will be legal then for club races at IMI.


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