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    Angie MacEwen

    These are the notes, as taken by Kurt Freiburg, from the Town Hall Meeting back in November.
    Sorry for the delay in posting. Some information has changed.. This is exactly how the notes were given to me.

    Board Discussion
    5 races: 4 tracks + Steamboat
    No drops
    ~ 1/month
    No holidays
    Classes ?
    Jr 1 ? Comer and Honda

    13 Classes
    No Novice Shifter

    Greeley? Why not CSC?
    Steamboat date flexible
    Should be plenty of races, CSC or not
    Track restrictions at Greeley?
    Can it be a 6th race? W/drop?
    CSC Marketing advantage?
    JK: Doesn?t draw new racers, but a great show
    Doesn?t like date
    But Greeley is marketing, not sales
    JK: Never really materializes
    Club level different than CSC

    CRE Not Considered?
    CK: Little feedback from non-CSC
    Anybody can pull together another meeting
    New karters need stability
    Stick to guns
    One month or I?m out
    Marketing ? deserves its own meeting, sharing ideas

    GD: Need to look @ overall picture
    Off of requested agenda
    4-5 years of disagreement
    Need to rebuild club level
    Need to bring tracks back together
    George needs to make amends
    Too many CSC races slowed clubs
    Track owners have vested interests
    Why pay 3x for what amounts to be insurance?

    Majority of group would like to see CRE included
    What would it take?
    Run CSC rules? GD: yes
    GD: But not his purpose
    Club racers need rules consistency between venues
    Not a CSC member? Shouldn?t run the race
    CRE runs on national rules
    Wouldn?t run race without it

    JK: WKA not central to CIK in N. America
    Still gets down to insurance
    Need to look @ sanctioning body. CIK would be great, but not (won?t happen) this year
    Colorado Karting very competitive
    US rules do not equal CIK
    Need to bring in drivers outside region
    85% of US racers use Euro equipment

    Euro racers would like to compete in the US, but can?t due to CIK
    SC: We?ll check into it
    Marketing: Need to take it to the people
    Club rules need to mirror each other + CSC
    DW: Denver didn?t sell karts, but brought in new racers. Greeley also

    BR: Need to keep in mind that we need to have fun
    – Stop bickering, work together
    AM: One-on-one marketing works best
    Greeley and CNS were good promotion
    Jr.1: Pick one motor for 3 years
    Need to work toward CIK
    – Rules are clear

    DZ: Based on tech, something had to give
    – Give Comer 1 year
    – Honda will be sealed
    ? Purchased
    Give CSC members incentive to market + sell ? cards with membership #

    CRE backwards, national alignment but not state

    Very few racers here go national
    – if you do, you know the rules
    Don?t know what CSC rules are way up front
    AM, DW: Not a problem anymore

    Kidkart Honda did not run as planned. NO dyno sheets supplied ahead of time
    – BL: Not really an issue, slowest engines won
    – AM: Needs tighter admin.
    Need to focus on tweaking the rules
    Liked supplied KK program
    JK: Competitive urge in Jrs. huge from parents
    – Should be expo only
    – Track time the most important
    – CSC not the track?s main business
    Done a great job dealing with 2 key issues
    – # of races
    – # of classes
    Mixing of classes doesn?t work
    But at TTC this works, should be welcomed
    But not @ CSC
    Trouble having less than 9 flights

    KK 5-7
    Jr.1 K80 8-11 Last Year
    Jr.1 Honda 8-11
    MiniMax 9-13
    TaG Jr. 12-15
    TaG Sr. 15+
    TaG Masters 35+ or 200lbs.
    TaG 4 Stroke 15+ Front Brakes
    80 Novice Shifter
    80 Junior Shifter
    125 Shifter Was Pro/Novice
    125 Spec. Possible Lt./Hvy
    125 Masters

    Pt II ? Need to make progress
    – Issues will be put up on TCK
    – Need class reps for each class
    – Special even @ GJ July 4th, 3 days?
    Lots of people watching what goes on here
    Even NASCAR changes rules
    Need to enforce # panels

    Still too many Jr.1 options
    What?s the minimum # to run a class?
    Minimum race requirement?
    – How to administer?
    Make CSC a pinnacle program
    Can?t penalize people who show for those that didn?t
    But can?t penalize everybody else by 2 hrs.

    CSC drivers could take away from club racing regulars?
    Too much obsolescence
    – Need to look @ future
    – More stability
    CIK has homologation in Europe
    Need to know what will happen when a class doesn?t meet its #s

    Board agrees to help establish racer reps
    Angie to put together structure
    Not a racer? Should be
    GD: Appreciates opportunity
    – Would like to have one meeting @ CRE
    – With 1 CSC rep
    Sport is about passion, not spectators
    Rules are very consistent, maybe weights change

    Next step:
    Racer reps come forward
    Assign liason person
    Jr.1 issue
    Meeting is a success to board
    Official info is on CSC site, not TCK
    We will run in the rain

    Next meeting?
    Consensus: Decision makers post outcome. No voting meeting, By Christmas ? even rules
    Need to work schedule around other track issues
    Special events?
    – GJ winter
    – Enduro
    Have club races week before CSC
    Reps ? Mike Edwards ? TaG Jr.
    Kurt Freiburg ? MiniMax
    Kyle Ray ? TaG Sr. and Shifter

    Need marketing. Non existant
    Drew as marketing commissioner
    Greeley potential sponsors
    Want the whole series
    Need to build partnerships with sponsors
    Don?t miss grassroots opportunities
    Rental and fun race series needed
    – lap time based
    – Simple to enter
    GJ does this ? 3x
    Board to nail contact person

    Need flaggers ? Ian will train
    – consistency
    Looking at CSC uniforms
    Is it worth more $?
    – Sponsors?

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