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    Rusty Newberry

    Just a reminder that we will NOT be meeting tomorrow.
    As Curt mentioned in his post we have broken out into smaller groups with tasks in hand.
    We will meet in full force on Wedenesday, May 3rd.
    The billboard will be going up in Greeley next week at 10th and 59th so if you are in Greeley look for it.
    Entry form is up on the website.


    Curt Kistler

    There will be no meeting on 5-3-06. As mentioned before, we are all taking care of our business in smaller groups.

    I will be calling all corner workers this week to confirm their commitments, and we will schedule the corner worker / rescue training.

    Another note: Do not forget that this is a rain race! Everyone is responsible for their own rain tires, driving gear and set-ups. The rain tire is open, however, they should be new with wiskers. Not a whole lot has been discussed about this, so please come prepared to get wet if necessary.



    Why “new with wiskers?”
    If I can find a good used set to save money,
    for the “possibilty” it might rain at this one race this year,
    why spend the extra for “new”?



    I asked some time ago about what will be allowed for the Animals exposed air filter.
    Any modification we feel neccessary to keep the water out?
    Or is there going to be a “rule” in place?

    Curt Kistler

    The wisker rule applies from past rules at Steamboat Springs GP. The GGP takes the place of the SSGP and all rules should carry over.

    Bottom line: Ask Dennis Z. the CSC Tech Director about the tire rule, and the air cleaner rule. He is the one that makes the final call, not me. I would just plan on getting some new tires lined up. That way you can’t go wrong.

    Call Barry at Billet. He has 10 sets of Brigstone rains left over from last year and will make the first 10 callers a good deal. I saw them today and asked if he wanted to part ways and he said yes. Still in plastic wrappers with them funny wiskers. 303-841-4855.

    Curt Kistler

    There will be a meeting this week, same time and place. Things are falling into place and we will be working on some final plans.

    Hope to see you all here.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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