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    Postings on this forum lately are nil. we need some spark here. Anybody got any ideas?

    A bit early to start bitching about 2007!

    Taylor Broekemeier

    Don’t you have a newsletter to write…….and edit?


    Thats because my son and I are not going to race in the CSC this year. Hoping to see the CSC get there act together for 2007.

    Brian Moore


    Sounds like it might be a good idea to start planning for 07. You can never start to early.

    What are the biggest issues?

    Kirk Deason

    I have an issue with my money tree…not sprouting like it should. My first foray into karting has pulled every leaf and last dollar bud off of the tree. Oddly, it isn’t regenerating. Today I spent another 80 bucks (roughly) on brake pads and a new sprocket carrier. I need to stop crashing and taking soil samples.

    love the sport, though. I am working overtime at work to try to keep the mastercard thugs from tracking me down.

    Looking back…lots of people said dont get a tag kart as your first kart. Well, i regret nothing. The speed and G’s are a hoot and I am getting better every time out. It took me awhile to realize that while ‘dirt tracking'(sliding) around every turn was fun…it really isnt the fastest way around. Like i said…i’m learning each time out.

    Greeley was a blast and made me realize how bad i suck. Well, not really. I knew i sucked before i went 😛 . I’m on a club racing budget and I have a club ‘outlook’. I’m already looking forward to a new chassis but I do NOT blame my equipment no matter how many people tell me that my Easykart is not competetive. (frankly, that opinion has disappointed me a bit and makes me want to beat a few rotaxes and leopards..i use comments like that as motivation)

    For next year…hmmmm, I have no suggestions for the CSC. But for the shops…I am suprised that someone doesnt bring a trailer with a few spares to sell on race days. Weights, sprockets, various metric hardware, chains, nerf bars, throttle cables?? Just a thought.

    I enjoy the sport and i love the camraderie. Everyone in the pits is willing to help if they are able. For that i thank everyone who has given me advice, lent parts, and helped me lift my kart.

    I’ll see some of you next weekend. I’ll be practising to kick some leopard and rotax A** at THE TRACK with my underpowered engine on a low tech chassis. :cheers:


    Newsletter: I have had not much interest in it so I am disbanding for awhile. Maybe when the 2007 planning starts I will restart.

    Kirk: You are going through a relaization that karting with no spares is costly. Critical spares are essential. Shops always bring stuff to the races if they are there. SAC and Shockwave, RBI bring stuff. You have to hunt them down and ask. I am in the same area of the money tree thing. I am trying to keep my expenses <$5,000 this yr. Have only spent $140 on tires this yr-running used and bartered.

    Planning for 2007 yes should start now. I think it is but in closed corners. Track owners you need to involve karters!

    Craig: many issues
    *number of races/yr
    *number of classes too many
    *no representation of karters in CSC
    *Club vs CSC
    *organization body
    *standardize rules, tires, gas, oil, etc for club and CSC races
    *Bring CRE into CSC fold

    What are some more problems from you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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