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    Angie MacEwen

    I still have several items to sort out, but thought I would post some of the highlights for those who could not make it to the meeting.

    Colorado Sprint Championship has aligned with SKUSA.
    Rusty Newberry is the CSC Race Director
    Jim Keesling is the SKUSA Mountain Region Director
    Tech Director : TBA

    Membership: $125 which includes CSC and SKUSA

    Racer Representatives were voted for, and are as follows:
    Shifters: Jeffrey Rein
    TAG: Jay Jaycobellis
    Jr 1 /KK: Rob Holleran and Mike Sanborn
    Briggs Modified: Greg Johnson
    Contact information for your reps will be posted soon.

    Spec Fuel and Oil for the series is VP – will be available at all events and teched at all events.

    Spec Tire: MG MZ (yellow)

    The Race Day Schedule will be set in advance and standard throughout the series (with allowances made for track size). Classes that are run together will be gridded by class first and then by time. It is possible that the actual race order may be mixed up so that, for example. the Pro Shifters would not always be last or the Kids always first.

    There seems to still be some issues on the shifter classes. The details will be announced soon. For now, what you can do to help is to get your membership forms in, with the class that you intend to race in marked.

    ICC…S1…S2…S3…G1…K2…K3…Tag Masters… Tag Senior… Tag Junior… Tag Mini Max…Briggs Modified… Jr 1 K80…Jr1 4Cycle…Kid Karts

    All information will be updated soon on the CSC web site:


    Will we race in the rain? If so what tyres?

    Curt Kistler

    Good meeting and turnout last night. I came away with two thoughts.
    1) Please do not add weight to the ICC motors. Take weight off the moto motors if any weight adjustments are made. Keep the Pro ICC weight in line with SKUSA rules. (My back is killing me.) :idn:
    2) Just tech the fuel on the first 3-5 finishers after the pre main and main events. I think if everyone understands fuel will be tested prior to any podiums, this will keep the day moving. Or, have a roving/randum fuel test by Big T throughout the day. Use the same test SKUSA uses. It is fast and accurate. Not the system that needs to be dunked in special chemicals and calibrated. This test has proven to be very time consuming and inaccurate, especially on hot days.

    I’m Done. Let’s Race!!!! 👿


    As far as tires go, is the MG yellow the spec tire for all classes or just shifters?

    I was hoping we would be sticking to the ‘popular’ tires, such as the Bridgestone YHC for TaG. I bought 5 sets at the end of last season during a clearence, planning to use them this year…. oh well…. 👿

    Ben Schermerhorn

    Its gonna be all classes spence.

    Craig Mansfield

    :idn: Rusty Two questions both asked can we run reds or can we use other tires at first race to use up new tires since we didn’t have knowledge of the rules. Sometimes closed meetings lead to these kind of issuses . Welcome to Colorado question line.


    @Ben Schermerhorn wrote:

    Its gonna be all classes spence.

    Thanks Ben.

    From a quick search, they look to be about the same price as YHC’s.

    Not to get too off topic from the thread, but how do the MG Yellow’s compare to YHC’s? Never used them or known anyone who has used them. Grips, wear, etc.

    Looks like I’ll be doing some IMI club races this year to burn off these YHC’s…. assuming they aren’t changing their rules.

    Doug Welch

    While I’m a huge fan of the B’stone YHC, in many ways the MG yellow is a better tire. It is a bit faster for it has better grip. It doesn’t fall off with heat cycles like the YHC and it seems to last a bit longer. You should be able to get 2 race weekends out of it with good tire management and unlike the YHC which would be noticably slower the second weekend, the MG will be close.

    MG Yellows puts you in line with Tag USA of approved tires so your driving style and setup information will be helpful if you leave the area.

    But remember, new tires are always faster than old tires.

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