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    If everything goes as planned I’ll be racing next season. Prior to last season I had planned on purchasing a TaG kart package from Bruce @ McGrath Motorsports (GP5 Chassis w/Sonik motor)… due to personal responsibilities I had to postpone my purchase. I’m now in the position to pick up where I left off. I just need a little help and advice from my fellow CO racers.

    1. I know McGrath is no longer in busniness and I really liked the GP/Sonik combo…are there any other local dealers that stock this combo?
    2. If not, what other TaG chassis/engine combos would you recomend?
    3. What spare parts do you recomend I keep on hand at all times?
    4. What specialty tools should I invest in?

    Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. :cheers:


    Angie MacEwen

    Welcome to the wonderful world of karting in Colorado!! I am sure that since you joined this forum a year ago, and have been reading it since… you can see what you are getting into!! Really, I think you will love it, and will find your fellow karters friendly and helpful.

    Anyway, on to your questions. I suggest contacting Bill Noud of Rocky Mountain Kartworks. He and his son AJ were part of McGrath Motorsports, and now Bill has his own thing going. He is a dealer for GP and Sonik. His number is 970-218-5724. Tell him I said to call! Also, I am sure that everyone will respond with answers to your other questions, but ask Bill those questions, too.

    good luck
    [email protected]


    Thanks for the info Angie. I was not aware that Bill had opened his own shop. I had met both Bill and AJ when they were @ McGrath so hopefully he’ll remember me. Once again, thanks for your feedback!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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