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    Kirk Deason

    I hit the track this weekend at Action Karting (Bandimere) for my first taste of REAL speed. I rented the regular rental karts with my brother in law for our first ten lap session and had a great time. I am continually impressed by the speed of these rentals and actually had a great time in the *slow* karts.

    Since I have been yapping about wanting an Easykart, I thought it prudent to at least try out one of these TaG karts for myself. I stepped up and paid for a ten lap session in a Leopard powered kart.

    Note…just before I stepped into this monster i watched two girls that were practicing in their own karts (same powerplant). I was in AWE the way these two were lapping and sliding their karts. Several posts on this site and EKN have warned the newbs that if anyone thinks they will step into the 125 TaG class and have a walk in the park will have another thing coming. I was QUITE humbled watching two teen (I think) girls work their karts.

    To summarize, the speed of this kart took me by COMPLETE surprise. (no shocker to all you guys that race but…WOW) I also learned quickly (the HARD way) not to even touch the back brake during cornering. Lesson two: The corner speed of the kart far exceeds my perception while I am trying to set my entry speed (all while STILL being overwhelmed by the speed of the previous straight!)

    Now i have a question that hopefully you guys can clarify….It FELT to my inexperienced seat of the pants ‘feeling’ that the kart CONTINUED TO ACCELERATE when I let off the gas. Is this just a lack of engine braking that I was sort-of hoping for? or is this a two-stroke characteristic of ‘overrun’ or ‘overrev’ of unburned gasses in the cylinder/exhaust? I understand that coasting is not the fastest way around a track but am still curious about this feeling of continued acceleration when I let off the gas.

    Now I know this thread/comment may give some of you another good reason to keep newbs out of TaG racing. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be ramming you guys off of the track this year with my wild antics. I plan on PLENTY of practice, school, lessons, etc. while I adjust to the speed, learn to drive and handle traffic. Oh…and I’ll STILL show up with that big warning X on the back of my helmet and kart. Thanks for all the good info and thanks to AK for trusting me with a FAST kart this weekend, I had an EYE OPENING blast of fun.

    Oh yeah…on the ONE lap where I was actually able to make it around without screwing up too badly, i ran a 45 second lap. Yes I know that this is not CLOSE to being competitive, but it sure gave me some things that I know I need to work on. I have officially been bitten by THE BUG.



    Good choice. I have an Easykart myself…….worked out awesome at Norman this weekend for the STARS of karting event.

    BTW…… actually CAN brake into the corners. It’s called trail braking, and it could help shave time off. You’ll get the hang of it.

    Let me know if you have any questions about Easykart. Peace in the middle-east G. :cheers:

    Kirk Deason

    Good point on the trail braking comment, streets. I did find that i could induce rotation by trail braking to get the nose pointed in the right direction, but I also understand this is an ADVANCED skill and will come with more track time and practice.

    I saw the race results posted on EKN from the Norman race. What were your results (since I don’t know your real name, sorry)? In the results, it looked like Brett Galegor had bad luck in the qualifying and races. Comments?


    My name is Charlie Schendzielos.

    ended up 10th………was as high as 5th ….but my ribs were KILLING me……and i was dealing with a LOT of grip………i was on 2 wheels through 4 of the corners! Not bad for my first race ever i guess. This was only the 2nd weekend I had even driven the Easykart, whick speaks of it’s great chassis setup stock.

    I could’ve gotten 7th, but a black flag with a red square showed up, and i thought that meant stop! 3 guys went flying by, and i couldn’t make up the difference in the last 2 laps. Damn.

    Oh well…..i learned a TON ………especially from the Galegors who i traveled with. They helped me so much, I can never say enough. Great people. I felt so bad for Bret. He struggled with carb problems the whole time there…….DAMN DUST! I know he would’ve easily been in the top ten.
    Same for Dustin Courter. He almost finished 5th, but got taken out.

    Can’t say enough for how nice a lot of the people were their. Oakland Valley Raceway’s team helped me by letting me use a stand, the Johnson’s from Iowa let me use a set of tires for practice. They were all great.

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