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    Mr. Baltutis,

    If you are following this topic in the Colorado Karter why have you not answered my question in “SKUSA a second look”??? I will paste it here again for you to see. If you want the support and money from Colorado Karters you need to convince us that SKUSA is the way to go. Next week is our meeting so there is not much time for an answer.

    As stated in the note, the SKUSA team is completely new- and is just getting up to speed. We?ve literally just hopped in the seat! Of course it will take time to create a program that helps promote the overall health of the sport- while at the same time addressing each region and the needs of their participants. As with anything new you have to start somewhere, and that is exactly what we are doing. Thankfully we are starting from a position of strength and with what we know best, and that is delivering the best racing experience possible?and we?ve done that with the ProKart Challenge.

    Mr Baltutis
    If just getting up to speed, with all the prior go karting experience you have had I am personally optimistic. I would expect any national organization to do there homework and have a some direction in mind before courting 150 or so karters to support them. I am hoping we have a national sanctioning body step up to the plate fully that will benefit us as racers. I was happy with SKUSA last year. TELL US PLEASE WHAT ARE YOU OFFERING US IN RETURN OF US SUPPORTING YOU WITH OUR HARD EARNED MONEY?????

    Brian Moore
    Father of Brandon #77 comer 80 and novice shifter

    P.S. Please don’t dodge the question with some sort of avoiding answer.

    Doug Welch


    I got a call from a very good friend who is part of the group that has purchased SKUSA. From my discusions with him, the new group is working very hard to get a proposal together to present to all the regions who may be interested in joining. The hold up right now is that they do not currently own SKUSA. They have entered into an agreement, but it has not be finalized.

    I think we need to wait and see what the final organization has to offer. I am encouraged by what I heard but until the deal is done, it’s just talk. If everything goes together as they hope, it could be very good.

    I do get a kick out of something though. I made a proposal a month or two back that in effect was to take the money we paid to SKUSA and keep it here. With that extra money, we could develop our own rules and hire additional staff for our events. I was slapped hard on this forum by one of The Track owners for that suggestion.

    As it stands right now, today, the cost of joining the CSC has doubled, from $50 last year to $100 this year and one of The Track owners is writing the rules. One class has been eliminated and two have been added for a total of 14 classes.

    I have always advocated that less is more. Fewer classes, fewer races make for bigger more important events. This year will be interesting to watch.

    Mike Jansen

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    SKUSA / ProKart last year in their inaugural gave their members free membership to see how it goes. Looking at their numbers at their first race it was 140 karters (didn’t check to see how many ran multiple classes)

    We have a running average of 120 (is that a fair ASSUMPTION?)

    The writing’s on the wall people. If we want them in our pockets for a price this year then we’re dumber than the mule in front of a plow.

    In other words, this year we take a pass. We’ve got people who have experience in organization. We can wait a year. Let’s not be stupid, we’re smarter than this charade. It doesn’t take Einstein to recognize that.



    For starters we are happy to see that you are still optimistic about SKUSA
    -and the fact that you have shown the organization support last year. It’s
    our hope that you will continue in 2006.

    The SKUSA deal is not yet finalized. When it is, we will then be in a
    position to release information regarding our plans for 2006 and beyond.

    Tom Kutscher’s purchase of the SKUSA organization in December was leaked to the karting press prematurely by a third party. And, in order to counteract rumor and innuendo regarding the purchase, we were forced to make an announcement just one week following that, on December 16. If the leak had not happened, we would have been able to introduce the new organization on our timetable-which in turn would have eliminated nearly all of your concerns.

    Internet forums are NOT where we will introduce marketing plans for the
    future, or discuss them in detail, so please be patient for the eventual
    rollout. When it is time, we’ll make all the information available through
    the traditional karting press and a point person in Colorado. Again, if you
    have any questions, please feel free to email me.

    Many negative words get thrown about on this site regarding SKUSA. In
    reference to what exactly, I am not sure. One thing is clear: There is no
    pressure from us- one way or another- in regards to a SKUSA affiliation in the Colorado marketplace…it is simply an option for you to consider in the near future.

    We look forward to getting the 2006 SKUSA information to you as soon as possible.

    Jim Baltutis


    Mr. Baltutis,

    Thank you for the response.

    Brian Moore,
    Father of Brandon #77 comer 80 and novice shifter

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