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    Rodney Ebersole

    I remember having to read all about a great race out west that was about to happen. Now that it is over, how was it?

    Curt Kistler

    The Black Rock Summer Shootout was held last weekend. There were about 7-8 Colorado Karters who cometed. I will let the other teams post their respective finishes, and I will say we had some pretty good results.

    Our team was represented by Jim Keesling in the 125 Masters class and he finished 10th with a $200.00 pay day. Matt Kistler competed in the PRO ICC class and also finished 10th with a $500.00 pay day.

    The racing was very competitive in all classes with the best talent in the country, and some of our neighbors from Canada were present and fast also.

    The track officials, title sponsors, and local folks were all very friendly. The track itself was, in my opinion, one of the best we have ever raced on. Vers fast, technical, good condition, clean, well run, good sound system, great scales, perfect timing system…. I can’t say enough about our experience.

    The weather we experienced was two days ahead of what your weather was here. Saturday was half rain tires and half dry’s. A tuners nightmare!
    Sunday was cool, but dry.

    I would do this event again in an instant! Events like this is what’s it’s going to take to get karting back to being fun. Organized, lot’s of track time, great awards, great people, and a well run facility.

    You can also find some reporting at for other results and perspective on the event.

    Hope I answered your question.



    If it was such an awsome experience and a great facility, then why is it going to torn down? I read on ekartingnews that its going to be ripped up and they’re going to put a new kart track in its place along with a road coarse. Whats up with that? I was looking foward to going next year. I’m also glad that you guys did well, congratulations.

    Zach Gillis
    TaG Senior
    (970) 224-2848
    Fort Collins

    Curt Kistler

    It’s being ripped up to make way for a 4.3 mile road course, largest in the U.S. and third largest in the world. The karting facility is being relocated 1 mile north and will include, hot showers, men’s and womens locker rooms, covered pit’s, covered grand stands, resturant, powered pit spots….
    Want me to go on?

    Alan Wilson has been retained as the arichtect and general manager of the facility. He will be moving there shortly. We were involved with Miller Motorsports hosting a karting event the week before the Shootout and got to know some of the players. Alll I can say is hang onto your hat, this is going to be HHHHUUUUUGGGGGGEEEEEEE!

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