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    sry for the wait, here it is, a little sample from Monaco Helmet Cam. :cheers:


    YouTube Streaming Link

    High Rez Download:

    FileFront Link

    Mike Jansen


    That is sick! Great video and y da man! Congrats to you all and I love your videos.

    Could I borrow it one friday night (and does it have a night vision feature or do I need additional lighting?) 8)

    All kidding aside, that’s a heck of a video

    Mike Jansen


    After reviewing the video again (hi res is better than that You Tube junk) I have to give you props. Coming out of the corners you’re a inch or two away from the barriers CONSISTENTLY and that was a sweeeeeeet start you had working your way up. Gotta give credit where credit’s due…


    Yes Mike,

    The camera will work in low light conditions but is not submersable. It is however made to attach to a helmet, maybe I should just stop there.

    Isn’t the course cool? The boys would wear the tire lettering off in a few laps! (tours as they say there) What a wicked and unforgiving circuit to say the least. Don’t these motors rip when they are spooled up or what?
    Did you notice how much the other drivers turn to look behind them?

    Roman would get rode into braking zones if the following kart was close enough, particularly when they realized he didn’t had front brakes. And you could see where he had the oppurtunity to turn a competitor around 2-3 times in this short sample. I was standing there when he hit the wall, it was a hard impact that sent one of those mutiple tire sets flying and tipped 2 of them over, they usually just slid a little or moved in the other impacts i witnessed. But he flat lauched these. I like how he got his witts back and checked his spindles to see if it was road worthy and proceeded. This was a last lap heat race incident while running in 11th place and hurt our starting grid position significantly.

    Again, we had so much fun. I’m so proud of all the boys. Marc and Kyle were really the class of the Americans there. Marc did not get in a lap for the final (slammed from behind /turn 1) but ran consistent and had the least crash damage of anyone. It was fun watching the other drivers warming up to us after each track session. The team work was incredible, anyone working on everyones kart at any given time.

    We’ll get the video edited for the banquet but wanted to get a sample done to demonstrate.


    Kirk Deason


    That video is SWEET! I was watching it on crappy laptop speakers but the high end of the motors sound awesome! I definitely recommend that others spend the extra couple of minutes to download the high-res version.

    I had to work around the work firewall and the evil-overlordness of Websense blocking all streaming media… but hey…I’m a tech worker…what good am i if i can’t circumvent a couple minor web hurdles? Kart racing video was at stake here! They probably won’t fire me…(maybe if I show them the video they’ll understand.)

    Jon Romenesko

    So Roman, I hear that Ron Dennis talked to you at Monaco about filling the 2nd seat at McLaren next year. Are the rumors true?! 8) 😉

    Seriously though, awesome video, great driving. Can’t wait to see the full thing at the banquet!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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