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    Curt Kistler

    Sunday is the big day. Doors will open at 11:00am and close around 3:00pm.
    The panel that will represent the CSC and be on hand to answer any questions will be: JB, Jim, Stacey, Brad, Angie, and Rusty. Ian and Dennis will also be on hand if required to answer any specific Safety or Tech questions. Doug and Barry will represent the shops and manfactures.
    The room will be moderated by: Rick Schmidt, Mike Jansen and myself. Kurt Freiburg will be tracking the meeting notes and helping document the day’s events, and Mike Edwards will be walking softly and carrying a big stick. :jail
    The room will hold +-100 folks. Seating will be on a first come, first serve basis so be prompt as we plan on starting right at 11:00. There should be water and some light snacks, but please plan on bringing your own snacks, pop, juice. Just keep it light and please pick up after yourself when leaving.
    I will be passing out the survey results and comments that were turned in on time for your use.
    Obviously there are some very spirited topics being discussed leading up to this meeting. All I ask is that everyone show respect regardless of your differing opinions. If a topic is not able to be completed and we seem to beating on a dead horse, we will table that topic for another forum.
    The track owners have had many discussions, and like the shop owners, have much at stake to win or loose. Each attendee will have an opportunity to ask any question you feel necessary. The panel will do it’s best to answer your questions, or they may choose to take their time in getting back with you with their decisions.
    I am excited that this panel has agreed to participate with us, the racers, in this type of forum. Hopefully this will set the table on how karting is shapped in this region. It’s up to you now to to show up and participate.

    I want to thank everyone who took the time and filled out a survey. They were all very well written and had some great comments for the tracks to think about.

    I also want to thank Rusty for getting us this room. Please do not forget he has paid for this out of his pocket. There will be a donation box should you want to help Rusty get his money back.

    Once again it’s at: The Lakewood Holiday Inn. Wadsworth & Hampden behind First Bank and Old Chicago’s.

    Feel free to call me if you get lost: 303-901-2984

    See you all this weekend!



    Thanks for your hard work in getting this meeting going. I hope everyone is respectful and you guys get a lot accomplished.

    How did you get the Broncos to reschedule once they found out the time of the meeting?


    Doug Welch

    @karterdad wrote:

    How did you get the Broncos to reschedule once they found out the time of the meeting?

    It was Blink. Mike calls him for advice.


    I hope you organizers have an Agenda to pass out.

    Suggest leaving the controversely ones near the bottom.

    Also, I would like to see George D. (CRE) at the head Table also! He does own a track in Colorado, has mermbers and should be in the coalition of Kart Track/Shop Owners up front not in the audience.

    I would take that as an insult if I was George.

    Okay, let’s not start slinging mud here, this is a reasonable & realistic request.

    Eddy Wyatt

    Concur with Rich

    George has great ideas and a wealth of experience. He will only add to the talent base already on the panel. Please add him to your panel gentlemen.

    It’s a NEW DAY!!!!


    Curt Kistler

    George will be in attendance at the meeting, however, please keep in mind one thing. My spirt and intent for this meeting, and survey, was all based on the 2006 CSC season, PERIOD. George was not asked to sit in on the panel for obvious reasons.
    This is a recap of the season past, and brainstorming session to build a better 2007 season. If CRE can find a way to get into the mix, fantastic. I am positive that if there are any direct CRE/WKA/George Durdin questions, he will do a great job in answering them.
    Those of us who have raced in any CRE program know how much fun his track is, and how hard George works at keeping his facility top notch. Lets hope things can change and we can welcome CRE into the 2007 CSC schedule.
    Feel free to ask him any question on Sunday you wish. But I hope to keep the main focus on the CSC. There will be lot’s of open weekends between now and next spring if anyone esle want’s to host another meeting.

    George Durdin

    If you will review the origianal post entitled “NO WINNERS” the intent and purpose for requesting a statewide karting summit was very clear and only addressed the CSC’s involvement as an entity involved in Colorado kart racing along with the “club/regional” tracks, kart shops and the kart racers.

    I appreciate the effort to generate a survey for CSC members but it had absolutely NO purpose for the MANY not involved in the CSC and probably explains the very poor lack of response from the kart racers in general. I would suggest the results of the CSC survey be reserved for future discussion at a future CSC meeting that would allow for more time to meet general concerns previously mentioned at this coming Sundays meeting.

    I would hope that we could establish a cohesive Colorado Karting Counsel this coming Sunday that would represent ALL concerned and that would proceed with addressing issues one by one to bring unification, harmony and growth to Colorado karting in 2007 and beyond.

    The purpoise of Sundays meeting, as originally intended has very great significance to the track owners, shop owners, manufacturers and to our constituents and customer the kart racer. I would hope that all concerned will attend in the effort.


    I guess it is easy to confuse me.

    I was under the impression that this meeting is about speaking to the thoughts, observations, ideas, options, etc. of trying to unify Colorado karting.

    Obviously the CSC, Club races, track owners, shop owners, etc. are all part of this.

    If we just contrict this meeting to the CSC then how do we really speak to the total picture. The annual IMI meeting doesn’t seem to get the job done for the Track Clubs.

    Now I am back to a Agenda put out before the meeting, just like I spoke about last yr before the IMI meeting–Agenda, Agenda. To late now, but let’s consider one for ALL meetings like this.

    I respect your decision & thoughts on George being up front. I still disagree. George, we need CRE in the CSC-ask privately to join somehow, it’s time.

    finally, I have to commend Kurt and the organizational Board for this meeting. Great job with Family and Work issues for all let alone the fun part-karting. :sun:

    Brad Linkus

    I am sure that everyone coming will have their own agenda; I know I have mine and George has his. George will have his chance to pitch the WKA just as much as we will talk about the CSC and club races. We are not even at the meeting and George wants to shelf any talk about the CSC. Like it or not George the CSC is the most succesful karting program in this state and its success is the result of cooperation between members of this panel. All of the issues between the CSC, club races and kart shops are interrelated and we should and will address all of them. There is no need to have separate meetings for each of these concerns. There have been plenty of private conversations between many involved parties over the past few months going over the major concerns of karting in Colorado. I look forward to hearing input from the racers and hope that we can work together to accommodate the majority of them with our final decisions. The karting scene in Colorado is not broken and in dire straights; it only needs a few tweaks as we go along to make things better. I do not think we need to start over from scratch with a whole new program like you do George.

    George Durdin

    Curt & Blink,
    I’m not trying to be difficult but I must respectfully disagree with your assertions and apparently there are others that see that the intent and purpose of the summit meeting that I proposed, has been hijacked.

    No were in my post “NO WINNERS” of August 31st and subsequent posts did I request a CSC business meeting to address the overall issues of kart tracks, the CSC. the Greeley Grand Prix, kart shops or representatives for the kart racer. I have in fact alluded to the concerns of of many kart racers regarding the fragmentation and confusion that the industry has created in the state. I appreciate the success of the CSC but once again it is only one factor in Colorado karting and is not the center of the universe or of much concern to those not involved in the CSC. The fact is that you had a very poor return on the CSC survey from the CSC participants ..,… how and why should those that are not involved in the CSC complete a survey that has NOTHING to do with their interests? It is widely known and understood that the CSC generally conducts it’s business behind closed doors, so why should this call for a summit be any different?

    Curt……..I don’t understand your comment, “That you tried to get me involved…with no succees” ? I am the one that called for a general meeting of all involved in Colorado karting to discuss ways that we could eliminate fragmentation and confusion in an effort to bring unity to all of the tracks and those involved in Colorado karting and to help grow the sport. The CSC survey had nothing to do with any of theses issues.

    Once again I appreciate your efforts to establish a meeting even if it’s intent has been diverted. The gathering will at least help to open up a dialoge to find solutions to the fragmentation and confusion that is hindering the operation and growth of our sport. There is absolutely NO WAY that the concerns will be dealt with in a single four hour session but perhaps this will lead to future co-operation amongest ALL parties involved.

    I’ve spoken in past posts about the silent majority in Colorado karting. I implore you to now stand up and be counted for the good and growth of our sport. I hope to see you tomorrow morning.


    George and all,

    Thanks for attending today’s meeting. I think it was a step in the right direction. Let’s keep the lines of communication open.
    Let’s use this as a catalyst for the future.
    Curt challenged me. Now I am challenging those who attended and those who did not. Let’s all do our part.


    Joe Rosse


    I agree that it was a good meeting–civil, productive and a good start. Thanks to George for calling for the meeting, to Curt for organizing it, to Rusty for arranging (and paying for) the room, to the moderators and facilitators, and to all those who attended with an open mind and a spirit of improving the Colorado racing scene. It’s too bad that more racers didn’t attend, but those who did show up formed a solid basis for input and discussion.

    Let’s keep up the process. I heard a commitment to get the initial decisions out to the membership ASAP, and to finalize rules and schedules before Christmas. That would be great (and by December 10th would be even better!)

    I hope we can also get a commitment not to be making changes in the schedule once it’s set. (Maybe a draft version for comments and then a final schedule to be posted 10 days later?)

    There was also a discussion about how rules are bound to change. Agreed, but if they do change after the official rule book comes out, can we have a commitment that any updates will be posted on the CSC website, at which time they become “official?”

    Mike Edwards

    The meeting was great………thanks everyone for coming and for those who didn’t show up well, stay tuned for details.

    Thanks again
    Mike Edwards :cheers:

    Angie MacEwen

    Thank you to all of those that put this thing together, as well as all of those that attended! It is a good step in the right direction. The CSC is working on the items discussed, and will post official information soon regarding classes, schedule, rules, etc.

    One thing that we can get going on now is the Racer Representatives. We tried this once before, and it just never fully evolved into its intended function. So, for now, at least be thinking of who you would want to represent your class (or group of classes – like TaG Sr and Masters). This person would basically be a liaison between the racers in those represented classes and the CSC. Also, this person might be a person to send newbies in those classes for more information.

    We will work on the process by which we pick the reps. But if you are interested, or have a suggestion on a good candidate for the position, please let me know!

    Thanks, and look for more information soon,


    George Durdin

    Curt & All,
    I appreciate your efforts, under difficult circumstances to organize the meeting even if it didn’t meet it’s original intention. At least it brought the CSC principles, CRE, a couple of the kart shop owners and a fair number of racers togther for a somewhat open forum. At least eveyone now knows who the CSC is and how it conducts it’s business. It’s unfortunate that I wasn’t given the opportunity to make the presentation that I had hoped for but at least some information was shared and seeds planted for future discussions. Also thanks to Rusty for stepping up to find a location and making the necessary arrangements.

    It was nice to finally meet Mike Jansen, Mike Edwards,Angie, Ian, Rick and others and placing a face with the voice on the CK forum. It was also great to hear the racers and other organizers stepping up to express their concerns and desires,in a face to face,open public forum. Many racers have expressed their feelings of just being peons in the process….folks you are the reason for the existance of the CSC, the tracks, kart shopsand racing programs. YOUR voice does count and it can be heard loud and clear one way or the other. As one of the CSC track owners suggested perhaps it is time that a Colorado Kart Racers organization is formed to express the organized desires and the direction that the racers would like to see Colorado karting proceed.

    As I expressd at the meeting, CRE Motorsports is a PROPONENT of Colorado kart racing and not the evil stepchild opponent that more than a few have painted. I’ve extended an olive branch in an effort to find ways to TRULY unify the sport in Colorado and bring all of the tracks and racers together. My intention for attending the meeting was not to plead for CRE acceptance in to the CSC……but to call for unity, co-operation and uniformity. Hopefully this meeting was the first step in that direction.

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