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    George Durdin

    You asked for it you’ve got it……
    Blink is absolutely right we all have our agendas and since we are going to have to share the precious little time tomorrow with the CSC the following are the agenda items I had in mind for our discussion:

    Agenda Purpose
    To make propoasls and suggest action items that could bring simplicity, clarity and unity to Colorado karting and it’s existing regional/club programs, the CSC Tour, the Greeley Grand Prix and most of all to our racing community and prospects.

    Item #1 – Colorado Karting Counsel
    First and foremost establish a state Karting counsel made up of the track owners/promoters. the CSC rep’s, the Greeley Grand prix rep’, kart shops and equipment manufacturers and race representatives that would be charged with implementing actions to simpify and add uniformity to Colorado karting.

    Item #2 – National Sanctioning
    The CKC would move to sanctioning and insuring Colorado karting with a strong and impartial sanctioning body that would act as a foudation for the operation and future growth of Colorado karting that would offer kart racers and the public a simple and straight forward program at all participating Colorado tracks. All involved would have the SAME manual and guidelines whether they are in Grand Junction, Denver, Colorado Springs or any regional or national event.

    Item #3 – Class Structures
    The CKC would address the issue of universal class structures at all participating Colorado tracks, the CSC Tour and the Greely Grand Prix that assures the membership that they aren’t facing conflicts in operations, rules, regulations and technicall specfications from track to track.

    Item#4 – Technical Specifications
    The CKC would address adopting universal technical specifications at all participating Colorado tracks , the CSC Tour and the Greeley Grand Prix that assures the membership of universal fuel, oils, tires, weights and classes at all facilities in an effort to simplify and clarify requirements.

    Item#5 – Scheduling
    The CKC would address establishing rotating, non competing schedules at all Colorado tracks if possible. If each of the front range tracks would reduce their annual schedules to no more than eight races and then rotate the dates on monthly schedules, ie IMI the first weekend of each month, CRE the second, the Track the third and the CSC tour on the fourth for an example.

    Item#6 – CSC Concerns
    If the CSC were to go to a five race schedule at each of the supporting regional tracks the average karting enthusiast could choose to be involved in their regional/club championship and still participate in the CSC Tour for a 13 race season for the ardent racer or an 68 race regional series for the recreational racer that doesn’t want to travel.

    The CSC tour should support the tracks that support the tour with regional/club events that give racers the oportunity to hone their skills and abilities before lauching off on the CSC Tour.

    The CSC Tour should become a Premier program by making it exclusive of youth and novice adult classes ( Kid Karts, Junior I and adult novice TaG racers and shifter racers). The exclusivity of the tour will make it the ultimate goal of ardent racers and will improve the quality of the racers and racing.

    The rotating regional/club track schedules would allow the Kid Karts, Junior I and novice TaG racers and shifter racers the opportunity to vist other regional/club tracks to improve their skills and gain experince for joining the CSC Tour.

    Item #7 – Regional Programs
    The current term “Club” should be dropped in favor of the Regional term because the term club has become a demeaning term that has resulted in a decline in participation. Example – IMI the Northen, The Track, Central Grand Junction the Western and CRE the Southern.

    The above measures could go along way to bringing uniformity, simplicity and clarity to our states kartiing programs and could energize the interest in participation by the public. National sanctioning by an impartial body. universal class structures, universal technical specifications, non competitive scheduling, making the CSC Tour exclusive and premier will unify kart racers in the state and will add in the growth of the sport through uniformity.

    None of this will or can happen overnight but it could become a reality if we can come together in a spirit of co-operation and unity. Remember businessmen,what is good for our customer and potential customers is ultimately good for your bottom line.

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