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    ive been watching the web and have a few questions. i keep hearing about the “TRACK”for over 2 years now and all ive seen is scoring trailer. is there more? all of are racing venues have scoring systems. my sources tell that brad,the cooks of gjms and j.b. of action karting all have to pony up with some grande dinero but the “ghost track” gets a pass on the dough because of trailer? what event experiance is being brought to table? is $ku$a the reason? unless $ku$a has changed its ways, it is pretty expensive proposition! also the demise of club races at action karting after from what i was told was a refusle by jb to sell out to mr keesling and the track. that leaves brad and imi , george at cre with no csc races and no tag to speak off and the cooks at gjms. its along ride to grand junction! its seems colorado karting is in a mess! self serving interests seem to be in control .no real rules blatant cheating starting with baby karts to engine mods in the tag sr that were bragged about on this web site. real fine lessons we are teaching our kids.i hope this post provokes some meaningful disscussions and doesnt just piss folks off! amf for now .hope too see all at the races. no longer in the 71 yellow chevy can be found in the new76 white 3/4 ton gmc for face to face discussion. sincerely r. reed (aka-jed clampet)

    Jim Keesling

    Mr. Reed,

    I will take the time to answer any questions you may have. Any motorsports facility that has ever been built near a population center has to go thru such hard planning stages that no time frame can be established. It has been a little over a year from the submittal stages. That said, I am totally comfortable with waiting. The long term gain far exceeds the short term loss.

    My scoring trailer filled the need to put the show on the road. I needed to fill my obligations to run the Denver Grand Prix. I’m sorry you didn’t have the time to come by and see what we are capable of.

    Your “sources” need to be better informed. What expenses are you talking of? How does the “ghost track” not have them. The whole world of karting revolves around “perception” There is a huge perception that SKUSA is going to cost everyone involved more money. I can only respond to the facts. Please let me know what the costs are and who pays them.

    It is fair to let you know of my experience. I’m asking for a lot, and I will in turn give back a lot. Below is a small list of my relevant experiences.

    1) President, US J/24 Class Association. (Sailing class, 2200 members)
    Duties: oversaw Class office, executive director, responsible for organizing national championship series and qualifiers for entries to World Championships, class rules, and membership services, publication of annual magazine, and rule book.

    2) National Measurer, US J/24 Class Association. Trained in all tech. and measurment aspects of the boat including weights, heights, construction materials and equipment to conform to class and builder specs.

    3) Vice Chairman, International J/24 Class Association. Worked with chairman to run the world wide association. 5000+ members, 32 countries. Oversaw selection and organization of world championship regattas, country regional qualifiers, consistant measurement process, and total event management.

    4) Regatta/race chairman, J/24 20th Anniversary Regatta, Key West, Florida. Oversaw the largest, offshore one design regatta held up to that time. 1997. Had to set up the entire location, as no facilties were in place then.

    5) Commodore and lifetime member, Dillon Yacht Club. Event chairman and organizer of the Annual Leukemia Cup Regatta. Local fund raiser that raised over $100,000.00 in year 1. Now in its 6th year locally.

    The demise of culb racers at Action Karting can only be answered by Action Karting. I can’t help you there.

    Blatent cheating. The desire to follow a set of rules and enforcement is the only way to stop this problem. Be very carefull what you ask for, as I would like to know how Ron, a 15-16 year old got entered in the masters class at a pro tour, and ended up on the podium? How did his age become over 35?

    My goal is to provide a positive, FAIR, racing experience. There are several ways for this to happen. I am presenting one of them, (SKUSA). Please help and show us the other options. The karters need it.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, you may call me at 303-708-9400.
    Thanks for your time.


    Does JB frequent these forums? This is the first that I’ve heard about the demise of club racing at Action Karting. I’d be curious to hear from someone who really knows what’s going on.


    Rodney Ebersole

    Dadgummitjed, datsnot daway ya doit.


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