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    As Jim announced, we are going to be doing some LO206 tire testing this summer. This is a data gathering exercise so that Jim can make a decision about tires for next season.

    I want to be transparent about the process:

      Our selection criteria

      Our testing dates

      Our tire considerations

      Our testing team

    At the moment, this is what we know

    Selection Criteria:

      We don’t want racers to “have to” buy a new set of tires for each race because they need new tires to qualify competitively. (ie. the mojo is faster during qualifying than during the heat and main)



      Consistent Grip

    Testing Dates:

      Targeting August or September timeframe

    Tire Considerations:

      MG Reds

      Beba Sportiv Runner or the Race Runner BAS

    Testing Team:

      We are working on this!

    I’m publishing this now so we can get feedback from the community and we have time to have the dialog.

    Our current TODO list includes:

      Figuring out testing team

      Figure out tires to test

      Figure out test tire sourcing

      Find a testing weekend not on a race weekend

    If you are interested and want to contribute, please reply to this thread.

    I will be updating this thread as we make progress.

    Jon Romenesko

    No takers on this yet?

    Well, i’d love to be involved in some tire testing. I have a Mychron 4 system with GPS, too, so I could hopefully bring some useful data to the party.

    Transparency is awesome for something like this! Should only help make the class friendlier and easier to access for new guys.


    So, I have some updated information.

    Unser Racing will be providing some Beba tire sets for the testing.

    I’m still trying to figure out how to get some MG Reds for the testing.

    We have some volunteers for testing, including:


    In looking at my work and vacation calendar, I have the following weekends that might be possible.

    July 25, 26
    August 29, 30
    Sept 19, 20


    I can now post 😉

    I am not able to do July 25/26 but the others seem to work.

    Richard Gordon

    Any updates? Did you guys test different sized tires in addition to compounds?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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