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    Jim Keesling

    I thought it would be fun to show off our new project this weekend and have the “voice from the south” Mr. Bill Wright of the Florida Winter Tour fame come in and announce for our big event. However, it seems that he is bringing the heat from Florida with him, so… Pack up your clear visors as we are lighting The Track for both Friday and Saturday nights till 10:00pm.

    See you at The Track…

    Garett Potter


    Are we qualifying saturday night??? :cheers:

    Jim Keesling

    All “racing” including practice will happen on Sunday as the typical CSC format.
    Gates will open at 6:00am sunday, 8:00am Saturday.
    Look forward to seeing you guys here at The Track!

    Brad Linkus

    When will the food, beer & band start?

    Curt Kistler

    Great job on Saturday with the way in which practice went for everyone. We all got to wittness something never before seen in karting, a live rock-n-roll performance while karts were flying around The Track. :band

    Bill did a fantastic job all weekend with the announcing and made a long Sunday seem a little shorter with the excitment he adds to every heat.

    The food vendor was great and your crew did a fantastic job at scales, rescue, flagging, tech, registration and scoring. Even the trophys were original and thanks again for the DGP duckets.

    It’s apparent there are many ways to make Sunday’s shorter without decreasing the amount of laps. I expect you are already finding ways prior to the next race out there in October.

    Anyway, thanks again to you and your staff for a great weekend of very fast racing!

    Cheers! :sail

    Mike Jansen


    Awesome track, awesome facility, great announcing and overall a classy operation, thanks!

    Other than the obvious I’d like to point out a suggestion if i may. Since you have the blower could you try to use it between Q, Heats and Mains while the rescue vehicle is out getting stranded karts. I know we ran out of time this time but I know you’ll have it figured out by the next round. Also, thank you SO much for the towels, it was a godsend during the day trying to keep cool.

    Finally, next time a simple salute as I go flying by backwards would be fitting. Although I doubt there will be a NEXT time like that! :loony:
    Does anyone have a photo of my stunt driving, I’d really like to have one if there is a photo..



    Where is everyone? The Track was awesome! The culture of the event was as much fun as we’ve had in a long time! The music, the atmosphere, the lights and the laid back, controlled effort was certainly worthy of mention. Did you see the cars lined up on the entry road on both sides? There were spectators!

    I percieved a laid back but very competitive environment. The technical demands of the Track are significant, the team that was assembled to pull it off was substantial, and the racing great!

    We had fun, Thanks Jim and team.

    My suggestions. Move the ambulance back from the track surface. If a driver hooked the edge they would potentially slide a way’s. Contact with this unit is not out of the question. We filled a trash can and left 3 bag’s, get a few more recepticals. Toilet paper ran out. Can’t really pick on much, it was a great and fun event.

    If Mike Jansen doesn’t get hired at the next race, I would be disapointed. If a low level, reverse fly by, possibly inverted doesn’t add to the show. What does? Mike, you crazy %^%^&* Good to see you back! That was the highlight of the year for me!

    Ron Reed debeaded as others did, What a heart breaker. Can’t help but think, you Kyle, Jack and others will be back more focused than ever.

    Just had fun. Thanks




    I thought you did that just so you could see where I was 😯

    Jim, thanks for a great event, especially the wet towels!


    Mike Jansen

    Charles and Rick: Thanks for the kind words! That was the most fun finishing off the podium I’ve ever had and NO don’t ask me to do it again. Bill Ray told me the Motori 7 had a reverse gear. I now believe him. Rick and Mike Frank, thanks for all your help. I would never have started Sunday without it.

    Jim, you have one heck of a track and the staff is great. Yes, the cold towels were a plus. I am really looking forward to racing there next time! I just hope it’s a BIT cooler then! 8)

    Jon Romenesko

    @Rick Schmidt wrote:

    My suggestions.

    I suppose i’ve got a few niggling suggestions as well. Personally, I think there should be some curbing on the exit of turn 1 and especially the exit of turn 10 (? The turn at the end of the straight parallel to the main straight). But, that’s it! Awesome track otherwise!


    just be glad its not what it used to be…. bricks

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