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    Doug Welch

    Mobley, J.D. D
    Ray, Kyle D
    Bradley, John J
    Runkle, Jesse J
    Toby, Jesse J
    Costello, Tony M
    Dennin, Tom M
    Gordon, Charles M
    Hawley , Joe M
    Jacobellis, Jay M
    Keesling, Jim M
    LeMotte, Andre M
    Scalmanini, Joe M
    Warrington, Jack M
    Weston-Lewis, Graeme M
    Marshall, Joe S
    Romenesko, Jon S
    Welch, Gregory S
    New, Connor X
    MacEwen, Cole X
    Rudolph, Ryan X
    Sedlack, Brian X

    We now have them broken out by class. The Masters class appears to be the strongest! I know many racers are planning on entering on the race weekend. You can get your Rotax membership in at the first race so don’t worry about getting it in ahead of time. We can take you at The Track.

    Race procedures will be up early next week once I confirm tech procedures. I know that many of the racers from CRE are planning on being at this first event as are some of our fellow Rotaxians from the Gatorz series. I fully expect over 60 in the Rotax classes alone. That would be a fantastic start to the season and I personally greatly appreaciate your support of the Rotax program.


    FYI, Conner received his Rotax membership packet today. It seems all was there including the stickers, rule book, and license although his shirt didn’t come with the packet.


    Hey all,

    I hope the weather holds out this weekend.

    We are bringing up 6 drivers for the race.

    4 Masters, 1 International and 1 MiniMax.

    I look forward to meeting everyone that I do not know already. We will be at THE Track by noon on Friday.



    Hi Andy,

    I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at The Track.

    BTW, don’t forget to drain your radiators. It could be well below freezing the last few nights of this week. I’ve seen a couple of Rotaxes (not mine!) split open this winter. 😥


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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