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    If you just can’t get enough, plan to join us for Saturday 9/4 practice and/or Sunday 9/5 racing. George says that aside from taking turns on the track with “pocket bikes” we’re welcome to run our own thing. I’ve talked with Kistler, Waterman and Kistler-Collins and I’m expecting the four of us for sure. (I know you didn’t commit, Kim, but I could sense a yes.)

    We haven’t talked details but I’d like to run a regular race day program taking qualifying times from Mychrons and asking George to borrow his flags. Of course, we’ll need a flagger who won’t give his son an unfair advantage. I think Curt would be a good choice. He’s known for his honesty and fair play on the track even when he’s in a kart himself. 😀

    I’ll propose a tire rule: No new tires

    Who else can make it from the Juniors?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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