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    Jay Luttrull

    Wanted to ask why the kid karts are restricted to a 78 gear for the csc and going only 38mph when the next class that they are going up to sixty mph. Would like to know all of the input that the racers have on this subject. Even though my kid is only 5. I woulld like to know is safty the only thing that it is involved or is it the race factor. My son is scared to race at the higher level because he has seen the flips at a couple of the IMI races.

    Thank You

    Jay Luttrull


    There is a great deal of difference in maturity and being aware of surroundings between a five year old and an 8 year old. Im not speaking on behalf of the CSC or SKUSA just what I have observed. The kid karts are a great starting point for both parents and children. You can learn a lot about kart setup and driving lines without having to add gear ratios into the equation. Thats my two cents curious as to the other responces bound to show up on this one.

    Brian Moore,
    Father of Brandon #77 comer 80 and novice shifter

    Mike Jansen

    Tell your son he can get hit by a car crossing the street. Or hit by a baseball if he doesn’t catch it in his glove. That’s (still) no reason not to try.

    IMO the time at the lower speed gives him (or her) time to get accustomed to speed….


    :?Good question Jay. Some of the kids need to go slower, and some are ready to go faster. The kids in other parts of the country use an 89 tooth gear, and still are faster than our kid in the gears that we run. Even when we run our 66 gears.At least our kids have the joy of racing, and having a good time. Make the best of it Jay,because you still have two more years to go to go to the next level.

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