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    Angel Ramirez

    Group Lotus to Enter World Karting Championship with Wildkart & Jefra Racing

    By Karting1 ~ October 13th, 2011. Filed under: Kart Racing News.
    Group Lotus have announced that they will be making an official entry into the 2012 World Karting Championship. They have teamed up with Wildkart and Jefra Racing to create the ‘Colin C30’ and ‘Jimmy C32’ chassis range.

    Who will be their drivers?

    They become the first F1 team to fully endorse a kart chassis and team. However they are not the only F1 team with a vested interest in karting. McLaren and Ferrari have Dino Chiesa and Formula K representing their interests respectively. RedBull also sponsor several drivers. GP2 team ART GP also announced recently their venture into karting.

    Group Lotus hope to develop young driving & engineering talent. “Our entry into karting is exciting on many levels” comments Miodrag Kotur, Director of Operations for Lotus Motorsport. “Not only are we nurturing new talent and widening our motorsport programme, but we also have an opportunity to join forces with two world-class specialists. It is exciting to see Lotus Motorsport grow in such an authentic, fresh and exhilarating way”.

    The new kart will be available to see at the 2012 Autosport Show, Birmingham UK.

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