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    Kurt Freiburg

    I realize that, to most racers, actually filling out the race registration form ranks right up there with getting rid of mosquitos in the RV, but there is at least one person (me) that actually reads some of that “trivial” information that y’all write down.

    Most of you are pretty good at filling out each blank, and have pretty good handwriting (amazing, actually). But there is some room for improvement.

    – Put the brand of the engine as well as the builder (for example: “Swedetch TM”, not just “Swedetech” or “Swedetech ICC”
    – Fill out the form completely for your 2nd class
    – Put down your team name and sponsors, at least if you’re on one of the bigger teams.

    This will help you look more professional when you get a mention, and make my volunteer job as a reporter a bit easier.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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