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    Angie MacEwen

    31 karts does not make a club series! 😥

    That is disapointing. Never mind why I wasn’t there-I have a good excuse.

    I hope you track owners have some great ideas for next year or else Colorado karting is going down the tubes. :argue

    So now IMI has the same total as CRE on race days. Actually CRE may have more, what do you think of that Brad?


    CRE 42 karts

    IMI 31 karts


    ???? I’m confused, was there REALLY only 31 karts at a CSC race? Everyone took their drop this race or what…..everytime we’ve gone this year there has been a really good turnout. What gives?

    Brandon Anderson

    Jeff Welch

    @Brandon Anderson wrote:

    ???? I’m confused, was there REALLY only 31 karts at a CSC race? Everyone took their drop this race or what…..everytime we’ve gone this year there has been a really good turnout. What gives?

    Brandon Anderson

    8/20 was a club race, not a CSC.


    Sorry, Jeff. I thought something was wrong there. I don’t know why I was under the impression it was a CSC race. :idn:



    Final Totals for Racer Attendance at our local tracks:

    The Track-43 THE WINNER




    George Durdin

    There are NO WINNERS in the numbers that you’ve reported for the last club race weekend for each of the front range’s three legitimate kart racing facilities. These numbers will not continue to support racing at any of the three tracks and puts the future of the CSC in serious doubt IF all of the tracks went to strictly commercial operations. The front range has a population base that is 4 million or more but the sport is so fragmented that it continues to chase away prospective kart racers because of all of the politics and divisions involved.
    The 2006 season should be over for all of the programs by mid to late October. I will lay down the gauntlet by calling for a centrally located summit meeting, by LATE October, that would include ALL of the states track owners, CSC representatives, the states kart shop owners and a reasonable number of knowledgable representatives for the regions kart racers. CRE Motorsports will be there to work for the good of the sport and the racer.
    It is time to put an end to the petty bickering and foolishness in an effort to unite kart racing programs in the state under one united banner for the benefit of All involved, the track owners, the future of the CSC, the kart shop owners and most of all for the end users….the kart racers!
    This should be interesting……………..


    your right George.

    You should be commended for stepping forward.

    Okay track owners-Stacy, Brad, JB and Jim-it is time for you to step forward & work for the betterment of CO Kart racing.

    Suck it up swallow your Pride, forget past grudges and BELLY UP TO THE BAR!!! George did it, now it is your turn.

    The same goes for all the kart shops and racers-belly up!

    Let’s make 2007 race season a combined affair!!!

    Tom Dennin

    GREAT POST George :cheers:

    Just a thought,

    If you waste to much time dwelling in the past a better future will never occur.


    stacey cook

    I can’t belly up to the bar, I don’t drink 😀 Sounds good to me… It will need to be a meeting of compromise for all…


    To all interested parties;

    I must commend George for the offering of the, so to speak, “olive branch” to all of the track owners, kart shops and kart racers. This is what needs to be done for the betterment of kart racing. Everyone should just let bygones be bygones and move on so karting in Colorado can be a healthy, but yet competitive sport for families, pro type racers and most especially the perspective karters. This is just my opinion!!!!!

    S.A.C. Motorsports, LLC



    Nice positive response-thank you :sun:

    For you: You can belly up to The Soda Fountain Bar :wave

    Kurt Freiburg

    Stacey – I’ll even buy the carrot juice with a shot of wheatgrass.

    George – I’ll bet there are tears of joy around the state because of your proposal. I’d love to see some kind of Colorado “Karting Industry Council” so we can focus on promotion of the sport with a true marketing plan. There is plenty of business talent in our karting community (how else could the racers/families afford it?) that is available, it just has to be pulled together.

    The potential is huge. It wouldn’t take much to triple our level of participation, and be a (even better) model for the country.

    And let’s not totally forget about Utah and New Mexico.



    Hey george Id like to attend that summit or is this all going to be top secret with only the privledged invited

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