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    Angie MacEwen

    Results are posted for IMI’s 8-15 race
    And the points have been updated.



    Why was Kyle DQ’d in the TAG senior main?


    For going off the track……..what series or governing body was that rule taken from ? ? ? If you take a shortcut for an advantage it is understandable but otherwise it’s hard to understand the logic……


    It is a rule in most books. If you go off the track with all 4 tires and don’t look prior to coming back on track and yield then it is an auto DQ…safety.


    Kyle slid off the track. Finished first anyway. Black flagged for too many tires off. He was a team of 1 that day, there all by himself, I think he did great. He was there for the fun of it anyway. Might let him bring out the tag next week to make amends. 😯

    Mike Jansen

    I had the same thing happen to me in the 2nd race of my illustrious career. Bobby gave me “blackie” and I sarted from the back in the main.
    My problem was inhaling all that illegal fuel from up front. :rotate:

    Jeff Welch

    Ever since I’ve been racing, IMI has had the rule that if you go off the track with all four, you have to stop completely before coming back on.

    Most sanctioning bodies just say you have to look, but the rules is the rules.

    Bummer for Kyle though…. hope he runs the TaG at the CSC race, more people to make it interesting.

    Ben Schermerhorn

    He was up on my right side and all I saw was his two right tires go off, but hey thats me. Im not the flagger dude. 🙂 Kyle was faster then me too, and it was fun.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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