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    Mitch Bowers

    Photographs from last weekend’s CSC race at Bandimere are now on http://WWW.IMAGEWERX.US. I shot ALOT at this race and there are many images I did not post. If you don’t see yourself, e-mail me your kart number and class and I will find the shots and send them back to you. For purchase of an image, please e-mail me the image number from the page and the size you would like. You can use PayPal for payment, or I am at The Track at Centennial quite often. I will mail it to you within a few days. I will be at a few more races this year. I will also be shooting team and individual images for websites and marketing material. Basically I shoot everthing!! Please contact me for availability and rates. My goal with Imagewerx is to bring a new style to the action- extreme sports arena. I have been a professional photographer for a long time and am looking for a few new avenues in professional photography. Cheers and I will see you at the races. :cheers: Oh Craig, I’m sure I’ll see you in the dirt soon!!


    This is true, I will most likley be in the dirt again, but I will make sure their is room for your Kart to also slide in. But first I will need to remove all the Hay from my kart from this past weekend. It seems a Hay Bail made its way into my kart. The funny thing is the kart was no where near the track, it was in the pits!!!! STRANGE…….Do you have any idea how it got their?????? :idn: :idn: :idn: :idn:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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