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    Hey Mark, did you mean uneducated people suck, or just the people that you are smarter than? Or maybe you were talking about people in general, hell I fit into all those categories. I barely made it thru high school, cant spell worth a damn and pick my nose. So I guess you could call me stupid too! But I dont suck. You should stick to race related issues on this site and leave hate comments at home. 💡

    Marc Elliott

    Tell me, who are you, do i even know you, what if anything have i ever done to you, why do you think my little profile even relates to you, its a STUPID little quote that i have heard my whole life. By no means am i smarter then anyone, i would belive most on this site are smarter than i. In fact, my primary education was so awefull, it took years to catch up, i almost was completly uneducated considering the school i attended was the lowest funded school in JEFFCO. All people pick their nose at some point, and how are my comments not race related, my posts deal with this site and racing. You veil yourself behind a guest name with a cowadly post claiming you know what my little staement is, where it is a small little 3 word sentance that pertains to no one, and for some reason it sounded good at the time to post, i did not even say this to anyone particular. Is your little ass post even have anything do do with something or is it fun for you for some distrubing reason. Hate comments, how is it hate, i have done more for people that are directly the OPPOSITE of hate, i for one belive all people are equal, and do not prefer anyone over anyone. So if you want to talk about something that bothers you, by all means, PM me and we will talk. You have no reason to attack me on a public board. If someone else objects to my profile, they would have asked me to change it, did anyone ever ask me to change it, never, because these people realize its just nothing. But i changed it so i do not have to deal with it anymore and do not have to face these stupid faceless attacks, i wonder, are you the same person that shamlessly attacked JB over something the other day, 😕 IF you have a problem, talk to me, and we can work this out, and if you want me to realize a mistake, you should have told me, i would have been happy to change it, by all means, it probably was not the right thing to say but i have no grudges to anyone out there, i for one try to stay on the good side of all. I have the balls to admit my mistake, and have changed it, but i do not mean it by anything, people with learning disabilites are equal to me, i have helped them in their studies, and donate pocket change to chariteis of their kind. So buddy, if you have a bone to pick, PM me and we can figure out what is your issue. This is a board that is for colorado kart racing, not attacks, and i for one try to pertain to the colorado scene, and never have attacked anyone shamlessly.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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