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    Doug Welch

    We’re sorry we couldn’t join you at Action Karting this weekend. I hope everyone had a safe and fun time racing.


    @Doug Welch wrote:

    We’re sorry we couldn’t join you at Action Karting this weekend. I hope everyone had a safe and fun time racing.

    Well, I managed to have fun and not get hurt! 😆 Of course, I wasn’t racing, but officiating in general, and grid marshalling in particular does have it’s “hazards”.

    It was great to see old friends, and make some new ones.

    Just about everyone was on their best grid behavior and gridded promptly and correctly, except these two guys in G1 – one’s a doctor, the other drives a Porsche and they both drive DFMs – had some trouble making the grid in a timely fashion. Of course, circulating a rumor that the Grid Marshall once hit a crew chief with a torque wrench and shot him 5 times before he hit the ground, didn’t hurt either. :bs:

    I would have gotten along just fine without the wind.

    I was very happy that there wasn’t one single ambulance call all day. That was frikken awesome.

    I would suggest that next race, anyone wanting to warm their engines before a race should go straight over to Jansen’s pit and do it there.

    Vito’s CRG is just too damned pretty. Something should be done about that.

    “Jaybird” and wife Tammi are to be commended for outstanding hospitality.

    There is a special place in heaven for the guy who had the Fat Tires.

    I don’t know about you, but I thought the Chow was pretty darned good.

    And what’s the deal with the AJ Noud guy??????? I kept telling him, all day, that he had to start at the back, BUT THE DOUFOUS WOULDN’T LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!

    I am pleased that noone showed up with the number “69” on their kart.

    I think it was TaG Masters…………HEY!!!! CAN YOU GUYS SAY “FORMATION LAP”??????????

    Anyway, I had a great time. Kudos and thank to all who helped make it that way.

    Mike Jansen

    In response to Chaz…

    I took a shower and the floor pan was brown – all the blowing crud and everyone but you warming up karts next to us 😥 See if I pit so close to the front next time! Glad I had earplugs!

    The food guys could grill a burger (and so could Lori!) nice and juicy inside and not hockey pucks…

    And another thing (just a suggestion) on your warm up lap that doesn’t mean you have to follow each other bumper to bumper. Those are COLD tires and don’t really have enough heat to stick… But once that lap is done would the people in the back of the pack PLEASE CATCH UP so the start is all tight and pretty not stragglers and haggard :bang

    Curt Kistler

    I was glad to see no EM crews and red flags yesterday.

    Good to see Chaz again, and thanks for all your efforts in getting people ready and in-line for their heats. You personally cut an hour off that windy afternoon. Thanks again!

    It was also great to see Ed and Cyrus Permie (sorry if I hammered the spelling of your names) out for the day. Sounds like their new venture in racing is paying off. Ed looked happier than I have seen him in many years.

    Good old Grady Clay was even seen with his signature coffee mug with a straw walking around the pits. Said he’s feeling good and still has a positive outlook on life.

    It looked as if there were more spectators and family watching the racing than normal. Maybe it was the bleacher layout, however, it’s always nice to see a packed house with people actually cheering, yelling and high-fiving each other rather than the alternate. :argue

    The sound system worked great and the FM broadcast was a success. Drew did a bang up job announcing, but please leave the AC/DC bumper music at home next race. 👿

    We had one of those bad luck days at all levels. My only fun came with Matt’s hole shot in the main. He went from 21st to 6th in 100 yards. Now that was fun!

    See you all at IMI or Black Rock.



    It was a real fun day of racing. we had a few mishaps and almost an instant replay of the last race :argue
    And just a quick FYI, maybe its just me, but ive been notcing girls being bumped harshly latly, we’re out there just to have some fun and race, just like the guys. im not saying treat us like were helpless girls, but could ya race a little cleaner???
    If those who didnt notice, the yellow number 71 and i’m sorry i dont remember the other guys name or number im sorry, in tag sr, they raced good, hard and most of all CLEAN!!! they where batteling back and forth threw a good portion of the race and NO ONE WAS BUMPED OR WRECKED. Im proud of they way my brother earned that second place and i havent seen him, or my dad for that matter, smile like that in so long. 😀 Hopfully we can have that sort of clean good racing at the next race!!!!!!!!


    “The sound system worked great and the FM broadcast was a success. Drew did a bang up job announcing, but please leave the AC/DC bumper music at home next race. Evil or Very Mad”


    Sorry it took so long to post, but I’ve been busy. Thank you for the kind words. As for the AC/DC, please rest assured, I’ve been hard at work removing all traces from the play-list. I just have one question, do you prefer East or West-Coast Gangsta’ Rap, fer schizzle?! 😀

    Curt Kistler

    At IMI on the 19th, try playing some Gregorian Chant music, “Cantus Planus” or some “Dom Mocquereau Collection” on Blink’s JBL’s real loud at 7am. This may keep the new neighbors from getting too close. It will however get the cattle breeding, so be careful. 😛

    You gotta remember “Team Doghouse” is keen to sailing music. So any Loggins and Messina or Jimmy Buffett would be appreciated. :redman

    See you there,


    whats wrong with AC/DC? i think its perfect racing music

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