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    Doug Welch

    I found it humorus. I hope you do do!

    Top Ten Signs its Time to Switch to ROTAX MiniMAX:

    1. You’re afraid to buy an engine if the dyno sheet is lost.
    2. You’ve ever accused someone of sticker-switching.
    3. Your significant other has scolded you for rebuilding a carb at the dinner table.
    4. You actually own Marvel Mystery Oil for a purpose not listed on the bottle.
    5. You think you’re the only one who’s ever changed a starter-nut more than once a day.
    6. You’ve bought a motor because it has a lineage longer than Sea Biscuit.
    7. You have EC’s number programmed into your cell phone.
    8. You actually learned Italian to see if their manual was different.
    9. You invited the tech-guy to be your best man of your wedding.
    10. You think you can hear the difference of .5 degrees on the high-side.

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