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    Brad Linkus

    This gives everyone in the state a bad name. Scott Smith please explain!

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I just want your group to know that member Scott Smith essentially stole $220 from me. I advertised kart parts on EKarting news and Scott and I agreed that I would send him the parts in return for some composite part instruction. Once he received the parts, he never attempted to make contact with me. He has ignored my calls, my letter, and my emails. I would want to know if my club had a member with the honesty of Scott Smith. I assure you there is no “other side” to this story and I am willing to defend any allegations that I misunderstood the terms or that it was my fault in any other way.

    After my post last night on EKarting I received a response from one other person that was involved in a similar situation with Scott Smith and was taken for over $400.


    Christopher Borelli
    [email protected]


    Very similar story happened to me, except I fortunately only lost $35 to him.


    Scott Smith,

    I don’t know you, but you had better understand the consequences of your actions. From a quick look at AJ.com, I found this for grand larceny, ?Grand larceny is typically defined as larceny of a significant amount of property. In the U.S, it is often defined as an amount valued at $200 or more. Grand larceny is often classified as a felony with the concomitant possibility of a harsher sentence.? If any of this crossed state lines or you used the internet to accomplish your alleged crimes, you are now looking at Federal prosecution vice the State of Colorado.



    I guess Scott will not post a response to this thread.

    I want to thank the karters that have sent public and private messages regarding this situation. Hopefully someday Scott will realize what he has done to the people that have trusted him to keep his end of a verbal agreement. I am sure he will cross the wrong person and the outcome will be different. If Scott and his son stay involved in karting, I am sure I will meet Scott someday.

    Thanks Colorado karters. It appears that most of your group are quality people.

    Chris Borelli

    Mike Jansen


    It used to be the wild west out here. If you did something bad you were called a coward and had a duel outside the bar.

    We’ve now become too civilized, PC and just plain pansies… He’ll slither from a rock. Then we got him and all his fabricated excuses…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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