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    Mike Jansen


    Christmas is right around the corner and now that the end of the season’s here I’m seeing more stuff for sale in the classified section. Last I looked there’s over 18 items for sale on the classified first page alone. If each and every seller of items bumped their stuff on a daily basis (which is where it’s going) then you can see a trend there.

    People know stuff is available and where to go to find it. Tim George at SAC renews his stuff on a weekly basis. Can’t we define a rule here of some sort reiterating this before it gets out of hand?

    Just my opinion… Anyone else’s thoughts?

    Les Prins

    Maybe there should be sub headings under classifieds like Engines, Frames, , Parts, Accessories, and Complete setups with sub headings for TAG, Shifter, JR1 and Cadet, Kid Kart, Briggs, etc. No bumping before 20 days unless replying to a question. Delete the posts after 45 days to get rid of sold or stuff no longer for sale. I know this would take some work to mediate this but I would be willing to help.


    I peruse the Classifieds section pretty regularly right now and it would be a pretty nice thing to catagorize it.

    Complete Karts
    Parts & Accessories
    and Last but not least

    I don’t know if you would need to get much more specific than that, leave it up to the buyer to make a quality headline and sales post. I have found that unless you really know about Karting some of the posts really turn newbs away since we don’t know the lingo. But that is the sellers responsibility, so if they are going to post that doesn’t offer enough information or doesn’t represent their product well to all audiences, that is their choice.

    Angie MacEwen

    OK guys, I am working on doing the sub-menu thing, hopefully without messing up the whole forum. In addition to catagories for the classifieds…..This means that the GGP, CSC and SoCoKarting can also be divisions under General Discussions. Just give me a few nights of making sure I have all of the semicolons and commas right in the code, or it just won’t work at all!

    Mike, once that is set, I will make you a moderator!

    Thank you for your patience!

    Curt Kistler

    :bump 😀

    Mike Frank

    Day One:
    :taz :bump :bump

    Day Two:
    :bump :bump :bump

    Day Three:
    :bump :bump :bump :bump :bump

    Day Four:
    Why isn’t anyone buying my stuff???
    :bump :bump :bump :bump :bump :bump :bump :bump :bump :bump :bump :bump :bump :bump :bump :bump :bump

    Continual, daily bumping = :bs:


    Is daily “bumping” really a bad thing? :idn:

    Curt Kistler

    Depends on if you are the bumper or bumpee. :hijack

    Mike Jansen

    depends on what you’re tapping err bumping Rick… 8)

    Study nuclear fission and it’s pretty much the same. All I’m saying is I’d like to see bumping go weekly like it is on EKN. SAC does that and it’s proven successful in their business model.


    I mentioned this is the past. EKartingnews has a rule. No replies PM or e-mail only. This eliminates the bumping. They also have a 2 week renew rule as well so people are not putting the same stuff on every day. It seems to be very fair.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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