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    :idn: HELP-Made the mistake of taking the family up renting Karts up at IMI-WE ARE HOOKED!!! I used to goof around on a Margay with a briggs 20+ years ago never raced though. The Mrs and I had thought of getting the 13 yo a dirt bike but after Karting we feel it is something the whole family could enjoy,SO—here is the million $ question-starting out we are only in a situation to afford 1 kart-needs to be <2k$ or less-can we get 1 machine that the whole family can enjoy with possible entry level racing down the road-size range of family in question is 5'10" 145# for dad 5'6"110# mom 5'10" 5'10" 125 16 y.o. son 5'0" 100# 13 y.o. son. Dont know where to start on this one folks so any input is badly needed-my mechanical skills are not an issue

    Jeff Welch

    Well, a TaG kart would best fit most of your criteria, except for the intitial cost. It would be low maintainance (especially the Rotax), and it would be a kart that you could race either the senior or junior class with. With the size discrepency, you may want to have a couple different seats so the smaller people driving it don’t get beat up too badly. Believe me, you can get pretty banged up if a seat is too big for you.

    As far as something closer to your $2k number, you’re pretty much looking at one of the four stroke engines. I’m honestly not too versed on the engines currently on the market, so I don’t know about reliability/running costs on them (though I think most still require more maintainance than the Rotax… could be wrong). Also, I don’t think there is an engine in that category that both you and your kids could compete with, but once again, could be wrong.


    Hey, We have a few used karts with Rotax engines for $ 2,600.00. They are both in excellant shape and factory tuned by us.

    Call AJ Noud at our shop if you are interested.

    800-268-0844 shop
    970-201-1191 mobile

    Good luck,



    First, I would recommend that you attend the race at IMI on August 29, BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING. Since you were giving thought to a motorcross package, kart racing is just around the corner. A competive racing package will be different, and will impact cost. Trading karts is not economical in the long run. You may find out that more than one kart is in the future. You may find that parents crewing for their child will be the way to start. At the race, you will see all of the classes, karts and engine packages. You will see the equipment needed and the maintenance involved. You will see people running on small bugets (me), and those who have a much higher budget. Talk to the racers or crew. They are very open. You can start out cheap and regret not spending the additional money. I have run 4 cycles, 2 cycles (yamaha) and TAG. I like TAG. To me it has a great future. At the race, you will see how well the classes are represented – competion is fun. For example, in this area the 2 cycle yamaha is dead. Talk to people about sealed and unsealed engines. Ask about maintenance and replacement of parts (tires, rebuilds, etc.). Search out Greg Johnson, he very active in 4 cycles. The TAG people who have responded are very knowledgeable. There are family racing and you can speak with them. I think after watching the races some of your questions will be answered, however, you will have more. Good Luck. PS. The bottom line is that the kart is only a part of the overall cost.

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