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    hey guys, sorry, its been a while since ive been on here, been busy with school and running my new website. I have had really bad luck with my rotax batteries recently though. Ive gone through 3 batterys in 4 outings. I have been getting these from batterys plus in ft collins. I charge them up the night before, and in the morning their ready to go. Then the last time i was out, about 3 weeks ago, i ran 5 laps and the thing on the 6th lap, went completly dead. Do you guys know of the problem?



    I’m beginning to wonder if your charger is either killing these batteries or just not charging them completely. You should not be having these types of problems. I have 2 year old batteries in my backup stash, and they are still going strong. And they can sit for 2 weeks or more and still hold a charge.

    These batteries are AGM technology batteries, and a standard wet cell charger is not correct for them. How about you have your Dad get in touch with me this week and drop your batteries off to me at work along with your charger for me to check out. I will then take them home and charge them with my charger. He can pick them up the next day or whenever your ready to race. I can also do some load testing on them too.




    Duff is right-charger

    When the heck am I going to see you on the track on race day?

    Let’s roll!!!


    thanks duff.. ya i want to get to the track soon but it looks like its gonna be a long shot right now. I got a “c” on my report card and my parents say i cant race my kart for the summer.. but ill find a way, maybe race another kart or something.. ill figure it out.. or some good convicning may do.. duff ill give ya a call lata this week.

    Mike Jansen

    C = C Ya later
    B = be there soon
    A = all right! I have my kitchen pass for the summer!

    Best be hitting the books a little harder amigo!

    Spectating isn’t where the action is, participating is…



    ya thanks.. lol i think that i might have my dad drive it a bit, to figure out how much fun it is, and then maybe he’ll let me race it again! Actually, he might race it this summer for me.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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