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    i am wondering what jetting i should run at imi for a rotax max?
    also how many jets should i buy for it as well?

    Doug Welch

    If you run the stock #40 slide, run a 35 outer pilot and a 35 pilot emulsion tube. and either 155 or 158 main jet. If you run the #45 slide, then go to either 38/38 or 40/40 on the pilot jets. The #45 slide will greatly improve the bottom end power with no impact on top end power. You will run the same main jets with either slide.

    I would get which ever set of pilot jets you need for the slide you have and 152, 155 and 158 main jets. We have only used the 155 and 158 mains so far this year.


    okay great thanks a lot! I will buy some of those. Thanks



    When the Hell are you going to reveal yourself at the track or are you a figment of your own imagination.

    Rotax what? Are you a senior-jr-master or zilch-oh.

    I think you are just a scam and the only thing you have raced is a tri-cycle!

    You are just :bs:

    I will be at IMI for the Sunday race-come and see me if you are real.

    Mike Jansen

    Now there’s a shot across the bow…


    Ok guys. I can vouch for Scott and his Rotax. I have spoken to Scott and also his father. They have the kart and are finishing up building the trailer. When it is done, Scott and father are going to travel down to my garage in Loveland for some one-on-one help from Dane and myself. I am planning on going over all the fun things about running Rotax and making sure they have a good season next year. So unless his Dad is also in on the gag, he is real. And from talking to Scott, he sounds like a very bright young man who loves anything to do with racing.

    Having a mentor when starting out can make the difference between a fun time or a costly $$ time. When we started out we were lucky enough to be able to attend the CRE ROTAX workshops put on by George and Dave Galegor over that first winter. It made learning those little things that every Rotaxian should know a lot easier. I have offered to Scott and his Dad that same hospitality and they have accepted.



    Thanks so much Dennis for all of your help. Yes, i do really have a rotax max, and i do want to race next season. Rich, I have been at IMI for one of the CSC events but i couldnt stay very long because i was going to Sam Wall’s shop to work on my kart.
    Thanks Dennis for all of you help, and ill be in touch with you soon.

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