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    left the track at 7:40 and got home at 11:18 in grand jct you denver people must drive slow and we have to do it next weekend to but we had a great time in denver.

    Mike Jansen

    You Junction people must be using that hot fuel or something! You been talking to Dennis Garwood on that subject?

    Glad you made it home safe. Beat but safe.


    stacey cook

    The trip home was fast and furious.. I think we all are a little beat.. But the good thing is we only have to do it 6 MORE TIMES!!! Life is not fair, the East slope gang should have to drive over and pick us up for at least half of the races to make it fair 😀

    We can at least tell all our friends that we made a great pass on Bill Elliott once.. I will just make sure that I don’t mention that he was in his Big Motorhome and we were in our pickups going up Loveland Pass… :bs:

    See you all again Friday..

    Garett Potter

    We made it left 8:00pm home at 4:00am work at 7:00am. Had a ruff weekend but still had fun see you guys in 4 days thanks CSC CREW.


    Us East slopers at least sympathize with you West slopers and Utah guys. I know that isn’t enough, but what else can we do. :idn:

    We have to tire you young guns out somehow.

    Be careful.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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