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    I’m looking to get my 8 year old started in karting and looking for some advice on where to get started. Any info on where to get started as far as what equipment, where to go, kart shops in the Springs area…….and any thing else would be highly appreciated….thanks in advance


    Kirk Deason

    Dewane, since you are in the Springs, check here: for deals and kid kart programs. I believe that George (the owner) would be very happy to help you out. I think they have a great kids’ program there as well.

    Good luck and welcome to the community.

    Birel Spec
    Iame 125 TaG POWER


    Thanks for the advice I’ll be at CRE to check things out. I’m from down south and have done some dirt speedway briggs racing so this asphalt sprint 2 stroke thing is new to me. Looking forward to watching the racing!!!!!




    George at CRE can help a bunch. All the other shops are up north-denver area.

    Stop by my tent and I can give you sources for on-line, magazines, etc.

    Make sure you have a realistic budget to start in karting.

    Welcome aboard.

    Rodney Ebersole

    “Make sure you have a realistic budget to start in karting.”

    Rich, don’t you have a write up with some of that figured?
    Post it if you do, I think thats where I keep getting stuck on my decision making.


    Well my expenses for:

    2003: $6,100 (went to rotax grandnationals)
    2004: $11,700 (bought a trailer; went to rotax grandnationals)
    2005: $14,200 (bought a new kart with motor)
    2006: $1,800 and I am going to try and keep below $5,000

    It all depends on:
    *how often you want to race (15-20 races/yr for me)
    *how competitive you want to be (top 3rd only; just love to race; not blood and guts guy)

    One big expense I am running ZERO dollars right now! Tires. Last yr was ~$1,300 this yr running used YHC’s and old/new MOJOS & finding other ways to get new tires.

    Rodney Ebersole

    That’s an adverage of 9250, if you can keep your expenses down to 5 this year.
    That’s a house payment per month for people that are on a small income like me or 100,000.00 by time the eight year old is 18.
    Sorry to rant and rave. I have loved racing karts for years too. As a manual Laborer that is getting old, it just becomes harder and harder to work to race and race to work. O-well I used to be a fast worker too. Now it seems I am too tired when the weekend comes to work hard enough to be a fast racer.

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