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    Randall Purrett

    I’m looking to get a kart in the next month or two.
    My idea was to just get something to drive around the local track, which would be the one in Dacono.
    I’m a bit old to start hardcore racing. I’ll be turning 67 soon.
    But the more I think about it, the more I realize I’m going to get bored pretty fast, just racing against the clock. I think, ideally, I’d find two or three buddies to do some friendly racing with. I’m probably going to need help getting the kart off my truck anyway.
    But, first things first. I need to get that kart. I’m planning on getting a World Formula motor. I figure it would be more fun to drive than an LO206. A shifter is more expensive and complicated than I’m ready for.

    Jim Lambert

    Welcome from another 60 year old kart guy.  My son and I got a couple of 206s 2 years ago and it has been a lot of fun out racing with the “kids” for me and my son just keeps getting faster.   We are 3 hours from a track, and Action is our closest one, so we spend most of our time there.   Good group of folks that hang out there and the staff is top shelf.

    Lots of folks with 206s but not too many WF engines around here. The WF might be faster you will find a lot more people to run with if you have a 206.  More people to race with the more fun you will have too.  Also a lot of people with 206 knowledge to help you out when you are at the track.   Action has also started doing some racing series and the only classes are 206 so if you do decide to do some racing you will want a 206.

    Other advise from an old guy…. get a good rib protector.  We had the Bengio Bumper recommended to us and while it is expensive…. it was worth every penny.

    Take care and see you at the track soon.  Looking like 58 and sunny at Action on Wednesday so I might just need to get out of here and go run in circles for a while:)


    Randall Purrett

    I realize the 206 is the way to go, if I want to get into organized racing.
    But I hadn’t really planned on it. This could be a mistake. If I’m wrong, it’s going to cost me a chunk of change to convert to lo206.
    But if I don’t ever decide, that I want to get into organized racing, then I think I’ll be happy I went with the WF motor.
    My question is, will my WF motor prevent people with a 206 motor from wanting to do some friendly competitive laps? More than likely, they would beat me anyway. I’m not a very aggressive driver. And if, by some miracle, I become really good, I can always challenge the shifters to a race.

    Jim Lambert

    You will be welcome no matter what you run….  If you are looking to just go a little faster there is always the option of running sticky tires vs the duros most of us run.  I’ve thrown on a set of blues and dropped my times by over 2 seconds at Action from just that change.  There are also a lot of 206s that come up for sale so you can pick up a cheap kart and run it for a while and not be out anything because the depreciation hit has already happened if you decide you want something faster and sell it.

    We also do a lot of “unorganized” races where we agree to just go by the 206 light rules (duros, 345 pounds, etc).  Nothing formal but still a ton of fun and we do a fair amount of “reverse GP” races where the fast guys go to the back and the slow guys start in front.   Running the same setup as everyone else also gives you more insight into how you are doing and where to improve.   There are a lot of fast guys that are more than willing to help anyone out…. I know they have all been a great help to my son and I.

    Randall Purrett

    I’m getting better tires than the Duro.
    I’m leaving a lot up to Point Karting. Eric knows a ton and I know nothing and he’s basing everything on my stated desire to just scream around the track on my own.
    I’m starting to get a little worried that I’ll be viewed as having an unfair advantage with a World Formula motor and sticky tires.
    I don’t think anyone should worry about me having an unfair advantage, at least for a while.
    I’ll probably drive like a Kansas farmer on his tractor.

    Randall Purrett

    I’ve been getting all my safety gear in line, while waiting for my kart.
    I’ve been buying stuff near the bottom of the price range because I don’t want to be eating Ramen every meal, if I live to be 85.
    Most of the stuff isn’t too bad. I’m not very impressed with the K1 gloves.
    I ended up getting a Zamp helmet.
    Hopefully it meets the track requirements. It’s SNELL 2020 rated.
    I couldn’t afford carbon fiber, but I knew I wanted composite. It’s pretty heavy.
    The fit is pretty snug, it isn’t very eyeglass friendly, and there is a strong chemical smell. I started feeling sick after only having it on a couple minutes. I have it airing out, so I hope that goes away.
    I’m already thinking about upgrading the gloves. I think a lighter helmet is on my wish list for next Christmas.

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