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    I know everyone has a different opinion on this but I would appreciate hearing what gearing you are running for the various tracks in Colorado. We are running both a Rotax and a Leopard. Also what are you running for spacers in the front for the different tracks?

    Oh and one Rotax specific question. The fuel ratio recommendation is 50:1. Some have told me that is what they run. Someone else said I need to adjust for altitude. What do all of you out there run?


    Marc Elliott

    for the leopard
    IMI-6.5-7.0 gear ratio, the first can be faster if speed can be carried and the kart not too bound up

    GJ- we ran an 11/80 when we had a leopard

    Bandi- 7.5-80 is your best bet

    idk about a rotax, seems to me they run a 6.00 at imi and GJ


    For break in run 32:1, but ever where else I’ve ran 50:1 with no problems.
    Gears will vary widely on track direction as well.



    IMI- 6 to 6.25 ratio. Go as low of a ratio as possible without bogging out of the turns (keep it above the power valve transisiton).

    I dont have enough experience at the other tracks to give a good recommendation.

    I run my rotax oil at 35:1. I’ve tried different ratios and didnt notice a difference in power, so I’ll give the motor as much oil as Rotax recommends. Remember, up in the altitude, we use smaller main jets, which equals less fuel/oil into the motor. Running a lower ratio will help compensate.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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