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    Curt Kistler

    Doug Welch and I have the first of hopefully many local karting seminars scheduled for January 24, 2004. This should take approx. 4 hours starting at 10am. Doug will be discussing the basics of chassis set-up and other chassis related subjects.
    This should be very educational for the beginner karters, or those of us who chase chassis gremlins on race day. There is alot of speed and time left on the track with poor chassis set ups.
    Rather than have a sign up sheet to keep track of, please feel free to attend. The seminar is free of charge and open to any and all interested parties. I will give driving directions to the location next week on this thread.
    Hope to see

    Ben Schermerhorn

    Sounds, good! 🙂 Will there be free food? 😉


    Curt and Doug Thanks for doing this! 8)

    I’ll be there.

    Ben, we should be the ones to bring food.

    Hope for no snow that day.

    Mike Jansen

    I am in.

    Mike Jansen
    Rotax #27d

    Ben Schermerhorn

    Rich, of course I was just joking.

    I could bring food, if anybody wanted.

    Curt Kistler

    Food is always a great way to entice people to come. Heck, if Brad didn’t serve pizza and beer at his meetings it would just be him and his laptop with all the pictures. 😮
    As we approach the 24th, it would be great to see some of you bring coffee, doughnuts, fruit…whatever you feel like. The seminar will be held at E Light Electric, in our training facility. The address is:
    361 Inverness Drive East
    Suite B
    Englewood, CO 80112
    Driving Instructions:
    Exit, County Line off I-25, go East
    Veer to the right onto Inverness Drive South
    You will see the Colorado Athletic Club on your left,
    The next street is Inverness Drive South also, (it’s a big loop)
    Turn left, and take the first drive on the right.
    You will find the E Light office in the back

    My cell is 303-638-0786 if anyone gets lost. Inverness can get confusing if you missread one sign.

    Doug and I should have hand outs, however, if anyone coming has good chassis articles, information, or other documents that might add value to this seminar, by all means bring them.

    Thanks again,

    Marc Elliott

    🙄 thats a long drive for us, but since we will probably have the shifter, we may go to the track or may go to the semianr

    Doug Welch

    Moving this to the top so the directions are available. See y’all there!

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