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    Tony LaPorta

    Whats up Colorado, here in Vegas and its AWESOME…

    Finally got ahold of a computer (Thanks Zip) so I can do a lil updating. Ive been under the GJMS/Cook/CZR tent all week. Find out that my flight in to Vegas is monday when my room (again, thanks Zip) isnt available till tuesday night… cool?? Luckly for me, Stacey Cook dosent mind the smell and lets me stay in his room monday night, after an already eventfull evening, story for another day.
    Tuesday is spent setting up CZR’s home for the week, were rubbin elbows with PSL, pretty sweet. Wednesday is practice;
    Anthony G is competing in S2 with his #155 CRG. “Is is a bird, is it a plane, NO!, Its Jet Davis” is making is SNats debut in a stacked S4 field. Sabre is pulling double duty by running in an awesome S2 field, and then jumping in to an equally tough TaG sr race. And my driver, Bill Heim from Aspen is in a fast TaG master field.

    Thursday is more practice, Sabre and Anthony are searching for tenths in S2, Jet’s lookin solid in S4, and Bill is struggeling to figure out a new kart and the track. SKUSA has the days split in two groups, Group 1 (morning) Group 2 (Afternoon) half of te classes in the AM, the other half in the afternoon. Anthony and Sabre are in S2 in the morning, Jet, Bill and I, and Sabre (in the TaG) are in the evening group.

    Friday is qualifying and heat #1. Sabre slots her CRG in to P19 on the grid with Anthony a few spots back in 23. Heat #1 saw Anthony move up several spots to bring home a 17th finishing result. Sabre went the other way on the grid and finished 27. Jet Davis gets out in qualifying and throws down a flyer, Davis P9. The heat race saw Jet DNF. In TaG Sr Sabre was slow in qualifying, has to start towards the back, heat #1the bad luck continues, going in to turn one, Sabre is punted by the driver right behind her on the grid, bends the tie rods and DNF’s. And poor Bill, some bone head tuner of his makes him miss qualifying due to swapping motors, and throws the chain in the heat, only to be brought back to the pits to find the crank shaft in 2 pieces. At this point Bill calls it a week after beng 6 seconds off the pace.
    Today were heats 2 and 3.
    Anthony and Sare both had good runs in S2, coming home back to back Anthony 14, Sabre 15. Jets first heat of the day was in decent rain, allowing Jets former dirt racing skills to come in to play, bring the kart home in P11. Sabres first heat of the day in TaG sr was called due to red flags, and in the second one ran in to a spun kart, came back in P32 i believe.

    Tomorrow is the LCQ’s and then its time for the mains.

    Untill then just I want to remind everyone to alwas lock your doors, and hide valuables you may have in your car


    Jon Romenesko

    Been listening all week on ekartingnews.com/live ! Good luck all Colorado drivers! Wish i was there, bring home some shiny hardware! :~ :co

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