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    Doug Welch

    If you want to attend the Rotax Grands, you must do the following.

    1. All qualified drivers must register online by Tuesday evening, July 17.
    2. Rotax will review all names and compare to lists submitted by race series.
    3. Series directors will be notified on Thursday who hasn’t applied yet.
    4. On Friday, series directors will be contacted to notify alternates of vacant spots.

    By Wednesday, July 25, all drivers will be registered.

    What does all this mean to us when we haven’t run our last race yet. It means that if you want to go, register NOW. If you don’t make it, they will give you a FULL refund. But if you wait, your spot even if you qualify will be GONE.

    Rotax International class will be full and most likely there will be no alternates but I would still submit just in case someone cancels at the last moment.

    Junior class will be tight but there maybe some alternates available. Resister in case some one cancels.

    MiniMax, Masters and DD2 should have room for everyone who wants to go but you still need to register NOW.

    If you don’t think you will qualify or are on the bubble, contact Jim or myself to get on the list of alternates that will be submitted next week.

    Pit spots, you will need to team up with someone as there must be 1.5 racers per 10′ x 30′ spot. For example, if you want 2 spots, there must be 3 racers in those two spots. There is no additional room for trailers outside of your pit spot. If the trailer doesn’t fit completely within your spots(s), it will be stored off site.

    Shockwave Karting is putting up a large tent (30′ x 40′) right in the front. We have room for a total of 10 racers. We do have room for a couple of racers who need pit spots. We will have our trailer in the pit so we can securely store tools and karts in our trailer at night. For you single guys, it would be a great alternative for you. Call us if you want to get one of our spots. 303-781-7829

    Jack Warrington

    Probably obvious but what web site do you registar at?

    Doug Welch
    Rick Schmidt

    In addition to the entry, can additional fuel, tires & oil be purchased at the race if a racer decides they need more of either?

    Rodney Ebersole

    Are we still welcome if we don’t sign up for the welcomeing Banquet?
    When a person wins this event, what do they receive? Is the trip to the Middle East transferable?
    Do they get a credit to reseal their motor if it is found legal?

    Doug Welch

    A trip to Dubai, No, if you don’t want to go, it goes to the next guy.
    If they break our seal, there will be several service centers who will re-seal for peanuts or free. For example, if it were one of my engines, I would assist in tech and re-seal at no charge except for any parts that were required in the re-sealing process.

    Doug Welch

    Just a quick update. If you want to go to the grands, register. Do it today. If you don’t make it as a qualification or as an alternate, they will refund your entry. But by registering, you will show your intent and that might give you an edge up in the process.

    There will be allocations open in MiniMax, DD2 and Masters. The last word I got was that they thought all who wanted to go in these classes would get a spot. But you need to register now.

    Junior will be tight but there will be some openings. Senior most likely will not have open spots but I would still register as there will be a last minute cancellation by some one.

    Rick Schmidt

    Do Masters qualify for a trip over Dubai?

    Doug Welch

    From the RMax web site

    -Champions from all classes will qualify for a full paid trip to the 2007 ROTAX World Finals (MiniMax Champion will not compete). Full Paid Trip includes airfare, hotel, entry fee and kart rental fee. Other drivers will qualify with various expense packages, details will be announced.
    -2007 Rotax World Finals will be held in Dubai in Nov – Dec”


    Rodney Ebersole

    Instead of links to all the things karters must do to participate in this national event that karters pay way over $300,000.00 to put on. How about a link that shows the carrots one may get in return.
    Does 2nd place get a tool box or something?
    The hard work it took to qualify in the second position at The Track series qualifiers has left me with no advantage or carrot over someone that now can join in just by signing up.
    I have really enjoyed running in the Rmax series this year and feel like it’s a great program. I just think it could be even better and we could get more new karters to join in and old karters to stay in if there was some sort of insentive or even just recondition other than sending one person out of the hundreds that particpate on a trip.
    This is the biggest karting event Denver has ever had. I am very lucky to be particpating in it. Yet the view from the secound ring from the top of the ladder at our home town track, so far, has left me a little disapointed with very few reasons to do it all over again, other than the reason why I am all ready doing it, I Love karts.
    RMax couldn’t even get my licence #, required stickers, and rule book sent to me before the series season was over with and this is their, what, sixth year promoting this?
    Sorry for posting the negitive veiw, but if a wheel don’t sqeek it probably wont get greese.

    Doug Welch

    2nd place gets the trip also but they will have to pay some portion of the expenses, not a full free ride. Last year, something like 18 racers got to go. Rotax has not announced a full prize list yet, but from the things I’ve heard, it will be extensive. In previous years, they have given away all kinds of stuff.

    I don’t think you will be disappointed on prizes that will be given away at this event. There has been a delay in getting out packets, in large part due to picking the wrong method of shipping. Most got sent, but many did not arrive. Let SSC know if you did not get your’s, they will get one to you ASAP.

    It is expensive to do a national level event. It also costs a lot of money to put one on of this caliber. The costs for the racer are not unreasonable to other events I have been to and cheaper than some. Most notably, this year’s SuperNats in Vegas. Not counting travel, that will cost quite a bit more.

    Worst case, this event will cost the average racer $2,000, including some damage for parts to a minimum of $1,200 on the cheap. I know that’s a bunch of money for most racers. However, it is a national race with racers coming from all over the USA, Mexico and the Caribbean. It will be an international event in every sense of the word. This is the first time I’ve seen a race of this importance so close to home, I hope everyone gets a chance to sample it.


    Coming into this thread a little late but still relevant…
    As a rookie to this sport take what I have to say with a grain but also use it as a perspective from an AVERAGE karter. Guys like me are new enough that our feedback should be valuble to the industry in general. Shop owners, track owners, event coordinaters, other karters should all take rookie feedback with at least one open ear.

    I’m not independently wealthy and have a wife in school etc. And some days I wonder if I should even be doing this. With that said, I bought a Rotax motor originally because of the length of time on the motor between rebuilds-it seemed more cost effective… I also entered the RMax Challenge series because the Mojos last longer and there are only 4 races-it seemed more cost effective…I had no grand illusions of qualifying for the Grands, especially as a rookie. Well with 1 race to go I have a shot. I now find out that if you WANT to go you probably will. Cool, just sign up! What? RIGHT NOW! We havent even finished the series yet. There is also another little problem-entering the Grands is NOT cost effective. I can barely afford tires let alone an entry fee of $700. When will my refund come back? Hopefully quicker then my registration kit did when I signed up. I also know that to race throughout this event is going to cost 12-13 hungee on a good day. I understand this is a big event and as a rookie I needed to inquire sooner about the entry fee. However I do think its funny the way they market all of this. I guess its disappointing to get to a point where the entry fee keeps someone like myself from going. I know many many folks in a similar boat. If karting is to grow and cater to the average guy/gal, it aint going to happen through this series. Of course this is my rookie opinion and maybe Rotax will prove me wrong but if in another year or two when the entry fee is a cool grand-no pun intended, and the numbers are down, then dont say I didnt tell you so.

    The club level is for me-a race here or there on worn down tires is great fun-dont need to win at 43 years of age-just need some speed and a good time with others. I’d rather spend $700 in beer for everyone at the Track then on an entry fee. Maybe that will happen AFTER my wife is out of school. Hopefully there will be some sort of space in karting for folks like myself for years to come. Cheers and good luck to the Colorado contenders going to the Grands! Wish I could be there, j


    Joe it’s Joe here,

    While I somewhat agree finding out in the 11th hour that the entry fee is pretty steep isn’t the best way to prepair. I am in the same boat as you. I qualified for the internation class but am unable to attend because of $$. If I had known the weekend would run about 1.2-2K I might of been able to find enough things to pawn off to cover it throughout the year.

    When I ran the idea of racing in the national by the wife she looked at me like I just asked to start a meth lab in the house after I told her about the cost associated with it. LOL!

    Now, I am on a budget like you when it comes to karting. Hell I am still running the same set of tires that I started the season on. That includes all test and tune days as well. Where are the MOJO haters now?

    Ok, back on subject. We do this for fun. The national is a very big deal to some. The entry fee is what it is, so we just need to have fun locally and let the big guys chase after the titles and if we out run them in the local series, well that is just frosting on the cake.

    Good luck to all the local guys going for it!!! Do us proud!


    Joe Marshall
    Maranello Rotax #9


    well put Joe-for me this is all about fun and fun it has been. I need to remember that fun is indeed the priority for me-not everyone else. Smoking the next guy on brand new tires is icing on the cake. I have lots of half used Mojos that no one else wanted (cant blame them)-they were free, they’re hard to tune the chassis with and last a long time. I guess I’ll be skating around for a while-but hey it keeps me in shoes and I can still have fun right? I figure its all good training for next year when I put MG’s back on. Its nice to know there is similar company out there Joe, cheers, j

    …BTW-there is a neat article in NKN about the Track and the Grands coming to town-who’s the bozo in kart 444 following Greg Welch around? I don’t think they wanted to print that it was Team BFD Racing!

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