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    Mike Jansen

    I never saw this on Top Gear but wow, it’s worth watching. I was always a Villenueve (Gilles) fan but this will change your mind. By the way, the movie SENNA isn’t coming to the states. I don’t know what it will take to change that but there has to be something…



    Terry Von Tilius

    Thanks Mike,

    It’s a crime that the Senna movie won’t come here. I guess they figure that because he didn’t drive cars with fenders and big push rod V8s, on ovals, no one would care here.
    What a master he was. Not just a driver, but he knew the mechanics of the cars he drove too. He knew how to take care of his equipment.
    I still miss him.

    Angel Ramirez


    [email protected]

    Great thread, Mike…. Yes, it’s a shame the Senna movie isn’t coming here, ridiculous, really.

    Both tremendous drivers, Senna with better teams at the right time. Gilles is still #1 to me, though….

    May 15, 1982 I shall never forget, particularly being a week after my longtime friend Gordon Smiley on May 8, 1982.



    Jon Romenesko

    Don’t fret, gentlemen! The Senna Movie IS coming to the USA! :usa:


    August 12th…I can’t wait! I hear it’s phenomenal (brought Ron Dennis to tears). Now, here’s hoping it comes to Colorado….

    Mike Jansen

    Eric, I didn’t know you were there at that race! I was there at the Inaugural when Prost took the #1 plate to Ferrari.
    Jon: you da MAN!!! Even if it comes to DVD 6 month later I’ll be a pig in mud! Thanks for the update!
    Now, if the shoulder would heal a little quicker…

    Curt Kistler

    SKUSA MR has locked down a copy of this movie, and a venue to show it. The details will be released later and the event will be held at the end of the season banquet, just before the SuperNats.
    The venue seats just under 100 people, has an awesome sound system, screen & projection system, and a nice stage for trophy presentations. Drinks and food will be served by a catering company.
    The plans at this time are: Networking, Drinks, Dinner, Movie, Awards and then the drawing for the Mazda ITA Spec Racer. Both Rob Howden and Tom Kutscher will also be on hand for this event as well.

    I will release more information as it develops, but there it is as I know it today.

    [email protected]

    Mike, Yep, went to all three in Phoenix, first three at Indy, Glen ’76, ’77, ’78, Montreal ’78, Long Beach ’83. Made the biggest mistake of my life at LB, was painting signs for John Andretti in the housed paddock and approached with a job offer to paint signs for Toleman in 1984. I was 23 and couldn’t leave (why, I’m no longer sure), turns out I would have been lettering the first F1 cars for Senna…. (DOH!!!)

    You might recall that Alain wore a chrome mylar sticker atop his hat in Phoenix to reflect the June, 110-degree heat! (Mike Edwards was at all three too I think, he was a sign client of mine then). 1990 and ’91 were much nicer in March…

    Curt, can’t you get 500 in there? You might need a riot squad. 😀

    [email protected]

    For both Mikes, and whomever else loves F1…. haven’t scanned many race files yet.

    Jody in the six-wheeler at the Glen (I was 16):

    Andrea doing…. what he did a lot of:

    Nigel in Phoenix…. I can still hear the reverb:

    Jon Romenesko

    @Mike Jansen wrote:

    Jon: you da MAN!!!

    @Curt Kistler wrote:

    SKUSA MR has locked down a copy of this movie, and a venue to show it.

    Looks like Curt is da man to me… That sounds awesome!

    Eric, some great shots!

    [email protected]

    Thanks, Jon. 😀

    Mike Jansen

    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice photos Eric, I have one of Mansell in practically the same theme and I love it! Unfortunately, I can’t locate the negative (remember those) to get it blown up bigger.

    Curt, you ARE da man…

    [email protected]


    I always shot positives (slides) for publishing…. so with thousands to scan, I can’t forget about ’em! (count your blessings 😉 )

    If it was printed properly, I could probably scan your print and get a good file to you for enlargement.

    We probably saw you in Phoenix, not unreasonable in that crowd of a few thousand….

    Thanks, glad you liked the pics!

    Mike Edwards

    Eric, you are correct! Made it to Phoenix and Long Beach great times……I don’t remember much LOL.

    1. Drinking Fosters oil cans, standing in 110 degree heat, and listening to V-10’s at full song = Major HEADACHE!

    2. I remember the Lamborghini powered cars to be louder for some reason and when they went by they just pierced your brain or at least they did mine!

    3. Eddie Cheevers only podium 3rd in 1990 (I think)

    4. Senna’s win of course!

    I could go on and on……the formula 5000 cars at Long Beach were cool, as were the lay down karts that I believe Scott Pruitt won one of the years I was there, don’t remember what year LOL.

    Eric, someday would like to look at some of your photo’s and buy some prints…..


    [email protected]

    Hello, Mike:

    Nice to “hear” from you, you likely recall we saw you there each year. I was at Long Beach in ’83 (site of my blowing off lettering for Toleman, Arrgh!), and Yes, Pruett won that kart race in ’83 IIRC. I have a pic of him, not yet scanned, he helped tune my Margay at Quincy in ’82, Linkus remembers that I’d bet.

    I also vaguely recall your drinking Foster’s, seems I made a comment like, “Thanks for supporting race sponsors, but Fosters…. really?” Your “heat” recollection must have been 1989, it was never too hot in the March races of ’90 and ’91 after the June inferno of 1989.

    Re: Cheever, I think he had many podiums, a few 2nds maybe even, but Phoenix was his last I think. I never liked him much on camera but spent three days with him and our longtime friend and client Harry Brix at the Utah Grand-Am, 2007 (RIP, Harry). Harry’s son was teamed up with C. Fittipaldi in DP, so we got to hang with all of them, Christian was shockingly cool and nice, as was Mad Max Papis, Eddie, and several others.

    Yes, the Lambo V12s were loud, but sweet. You might recall the spot where one could stand in a shop entrance corridor at the exit of a left-hander, the loudest spot I’ve ever been (What, Huh?). Crummy track, but miss it terribly.

    Hate to say it…. but in 1990 we were all rooting for Alesi. I did not know you knew of F5000, I have scanned about 100 of those thus far and just sold tons of prints to a guy who bought the Lola T430s. If you want to see some, you have my info.

    Thanks, Mike, See You Soon!

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