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    Mitch Wright

    Just spent a day on the dyno at Billet Performance Karting with Barry Lewis. All I can say is that I could not have found a cheaper 3 HP and improved performance below the curve, what we found is truly amazing. And Yes a stock ICC engine with some tuning time makes very good power.
    I figured to try all that we tried (which was a lot) at the track would have taken over 350 laps.
    I now have baselines and possible configuration changes that I know how they effect the performance, granted some my not work on the track but I have saved myself a ton of time and guess work.

    Thank you Barry I had a blast, learned a ton and can recommend spending the time and money to all.


    So how mutch to dyno at Barry’s????????

    Mitch Wright


    Barry charges by the hour for Dyno time which is the norm for dyno service. Give Barry a call for his rates. I was there all day because I was trying different port timing, ingnition, jetting,needles, atomizers, mufflers and so on. not being a expert but would think with a Rotax you could try a lot in a few hours. To save yourself time you need talk Barry to come up with a plan of attack before you set up to make runs.
    We made 3 or 4 baseline runs so we had a good baseline. Then would make atleast 3 runs for every change to make sure we would see good numbers and they repeted. In all we made 65 runs because I had a very long list of things I wanted to try. at the end we went back to the baseline to confrim were we started and what we learned.
    What is interesting is what I thought would make a big + or minus change in some case would make not much difference at all and what I thought a minor change would pick up a horsepower or more. To me what was more important than a big peak hp number was how much we improved the performance below the curve which improves drivablity and the way the engine pulls off the corner.
    For me what I learned was worth twice the price, plus I had a lot of fun.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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