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    J.B. Olmstead

    While we could all voice opinions as to wether or not a drop is mandated , if we in fact decide to allow one (1) drop this year , it may have no significant effect what so ever !
    Example : Lets say someone was otherwise occupied or simply decided to skip a race at one of the tracks , and then has motor trouble at Steamboat , He or she hurt their own chances for podium or champion-ship !
    I will discuss the idea with Brad & Stacy some more ,

    however ?
    In so much as tyres go , as soon as we spec tyres — every one will complain !
    What we did last year seemed to work just fine for most racers !
    I did notice that there were very few 4 strokers and only a couple of Rotaxers at Steamboat !

    Mike Frank

    On the subject of drops, I know of three racers in the novice 125 class, myself included, that did not participate in the whole series last year. We did not run the entire series because we all knew that we would be missing a race, and on the advice of one track owner who siad that if we missed a race we would not have a CHANCE of winning or even finishing in the top 5 of the points. I am in favor of a drop! This year we will be racing the series in whole because of no conflicts with making all of the races, but like the idea of being able to drop our lowest finishes, especially if we have a problem at one of the races. I think that a drop will attract more entries.
    On the subject of tires, I like the idea of an open tire rule, within a certain durometer reading. I found last year that one brand of tire worked consistently better than another. The only problem I saw was that the person who was checking the tires only marked the tires and then later only looked for their mark. Nobody bothered to check for what type and brand the tire was to make sure it was approved for that class.

    Just my two cents worth!


    You can add me and Christopher to the list as well. With no drops, we’ll make a couple but we won’t compete for the year.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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