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    Troy Smith

    CSC Racers, Family, and Support Crews:

    I would like to take a few moments and share some CSC News & Information with all of you. Tonight, a meeting was held by the following: the CSC Board (Brad and Jim ~ Stacey was called after the meeting where he and I discussed the meeting and I listened to his feedback & suggestions which will be incorporated), Curt Kistler – Race Director, Ian Francis – Safety Director, and me – Marketing Director. During this meeting the five of us discussed the direction of the CSC, the 2008 Race Season, Curt brought forth all of your suggestions as racers, race weekend logistics, safety, and we spent quite a bit of time talking about how to make the CSC “Experience” better for all of us involved.

    The Board agreed to allow me to post the following information from the meeting to answer some questions and communicate to all of you that we are moving forward in a positive direction to make this year better for us as racers.

    Before I begin…a couple of quick points I’d like to make:
    1) Thanks to Angie for allowing me to post directly to the news. Angie does a great job in keeping this site up for all of us and she doesn’t get enough credit for what she does!
    2) Please keep in mind one fact while we’re all (me, too) chomping at the bit to have all of the information about the 2008 CSC Season RIGHT NOW…we’re still almost FIFTEEN WEEKS…again, FIFTEEN WEEKS from the first CSC Race in Grand Junction.
    3) The definition of insanity, “Do the same thing repeatedly and expect a different result.” In order to make the CSC better, we need to put in more work which means more time. Thank you all for your patience…please keep your patience as we work to make this better for all of us.
    4) Have a compaint? Please, keep it to yourself and instead, volunteer to make a difference with us or pose a positive suggestion! There are a few people working very hard to make hundreds of people feel valued, included, important, and keep needs met…it’s a tough job so, please, keep it positive as we move forward and be a productive part of the process.

    Ok, on to the meeting; very positive meeting, lots of things were agreed to and accomplished. Moving forward, Brad will assume the primary role of Director of the CSC. Jim and I will work more closely together on sponsorship and marketing. Between work travels Curt will continue to pour his heart and soul into planning as Race Director. Ian will work under Curt’s direction to provide us with a consistent, trained Safety Team of Corner Workers (in matching uniforms) no matter which track we’re visiting. Curt will bring his trailer to each race and it will serve as Race Headquarters. The track owner will be just that…the hosting track owner and Curt will assume responsibilty for Race Direction. All racer questions will need to be directed to the Race Director at Race Headquarters, and questions will need to be in writing. All race day communication will come from the Race Director and Race Headquarters. We will have an announcer at all races who will keep us all informed and give the sponsors their appropriate ‘shout outs’ for the hard-earned dollars they are so generously giving us. All this means consistency from venue to venue for us as racers. Same rules, same trained flaggers, same communicator…consistency, consistency, consistency (you spoke, we listened).

    CSC Communication; Brad will get a new CSC Website up by March 31st. The new CSC Website will be the authoritative communication voice of the CSC, period. On March 31st rules and membership fees will be posted (Brad is still working on the budget and can work on it now that we have a more comprehensive idea of what we’ll need financially to get through the season). On Mondays of a race week, we will endeavor to post the week’s practice & race schedule to the CSC Site so we all have plenty of notice about schedules for race weekends. You will also be able to register online for all races, and it will be cheaper to register online than to do so at the track on the first day of the race weekend. Remember, with double weekends we will practice two directions so time will be more precious on practice day. On March 31st, Jim and I will start releasing sponsorship news & announcements!

    Number panels; colors for classes will be posted on this site in the next few days. I’ll try to get a few deals set up for us with local vendors before I release the colors. Why 4-sided color-matched number panels? Safety – pure, simple, and not up for discussion. As we will have a few classes sharing the track it is imperative that a corner worker can determine if two approaching karts are fighting for position or if a slower class of kart is being passed by a faster class of kart before they are past the corner worker and someone’s race is potentially affected in a negative manner. Bottom line, if a flag needs to be thrown, the worker needs adequate notice in order to do so and the only way to accomplish this is by having color-coded number plates on all sides of a kart.

    Tech; we’re still working on the details but it will be for real this year. DQ’s will be handed out when appropriate.

    I will share more information as I have it and the Board deems it appropriate to do so.

    See you at the track!


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