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    I know from last year there were some tech rule changes that were unusual like:

    *Plain water in radiator for rotax-no addititives
    *wts. must be white in color

    Are these still in effect?

    Also are there any others that are off camber rules that I should be aware of before I make my grand return entrance to the new CRE compound 😆 ?

    I want to be prepared before I come down.

    You are doing one helluva job down there. Glad to see you have openned up and brought in some advisors/help. Congrats!!!!!!

    Now get that rotax race at the grand Prix and expand your track and CRE will be cooking ❗ 8)

    Joe Rosse

    Just noticed that you never got an answer, Rich. To the best of my knowledge:

    1) Yes, distilled water only. Personally, given the small Rotax radiators and warm July/August temps, I wish we could use Water Wetter or equivalent, but RMC rules say distilled water only.

    2) The white-painted weights are by WKA rules. The idea is that they show up better on a black track if they fall off. We’ve never actually seen that be a problem, but it seems like a reasonable precaution.

    3) Won’t affect you, but any Juniors reading this should know that wide rear bumpers are required for all Junior classes. In accordance with WKA (and RMC) rules, all Juniors are also required to have an SFI-certified chest protector (we use the Armadillo).

    4) Juniors in the K80 class must have a box-stock motor with no mods (that also means the choke plate cannot be removed), that must be sealed by CRE. Exhaust must be the Veyvey pipe, and a K&N style air filter rather than an airbox (must not be a filter that allows “ram air flow.”)

    5) Again, you know this, but any first-timers should realize that CRE routinely checks fuel, so make sure to drain any pump gas and use the specified fuels.

    I’m probably forgetting something, but those are some of the differences between CSC and CRE tech rules.


    Thanks Joe and no I never got any answers from Dave Crosby-the tech guy.

    Now I got to take off 21 lbs in weights and paint them. 😥



    A lot of the karts at CRE use whtie duct tape to cover their weights. Please don’t use the 200 mph speed tape as this would give you an unfair advantage. :devil

    Michael :yellow

    Joe Rosse

    I just re-read my reply and realized I may have mis-stated something. I said “all” Juniors are required to have the SFI-certified chest protector. Actually, I think there’s an age limit–maybe 12??–for that requirement, so Rotax Juniors, for example, are not required to have one. As I understand it, WKA requires them for the Junior Sportsman (K80) class, and RMC requires them for Mini-Max (and “encourages” them for Rotax Junior). If anyone’s kids fall in other potential areas, you’d be better off checking the WKA rulebook or asking George than relying on me!! Or just wear one anyway and be extra safe!

    Eddy Wyatt


    Thanks for covering the tech update/response. You are spot on. George tells us today he’s getting info out tonight on the schedule for Sat.

    As you might imagine, this week has been very busy getting the track and CRE Family ready for opening day. Again, thanks for sharing the WKA/RMC tech info. See you this weekend. Happy Easter to ALL!

    Eddy Wyatt

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