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    Tom Dennin

    I asked Rusty this same question at the meeting at IMI.

    Why are we having to pay $ to run a second class? We have paid to be a CSC member ($50), SKUSA member ($75), MG tires ($170/set), race day fees to run a single class, test & tune fees prior to race day, pit parking fee, and VP fuel.

    If we run in a second class, no extra work is created. All transponders and timing is done on the computer. All tech work has to be done on the top five finishers no matter who is racing. The corner and flag workers are on the track already. So what is it??? We have already spent extra money on tires, fuel, and oil for the second class.

    Tradition of charging racers for a second class is not an adequate answer. As described above, we have already paid for the right to race. No matter how many races we compete in during a given race day, the insurance for the racer is already taken care of when we pay to race in a single class and extends for the entire race day. By running in an extra class, each individual race has more participants, which leads to more impressive racing.

    It is my opinion that if there wasn’t an extra fee for racing in a second class more people would do just that. This would lead to more sales and that would benefit all the suppliers of kart parts and accessories.

    For all of those who agree or disagree, I would like you to respond to let Rusty know the racers concerns. If enough of us respond, action will be taken, cross your fingers. :dance:



    Mike Edwards

    Tom………..That makes way too much sense! I agree there shouldn’t be any additional cost.


    Michael Hurley

    I agree with you Tom.

    If there is not an additional entry fee then this would entice racers to enter in more then one class. This would boost field numbers and make it a more enjoyable race for both the racer as well as the spectator.

    We need to help build Colorado kart racing. If folks come to the race tracks to see what its all about and enjoy the racing, they will be more inclined to start racing themselves and bring others with them. As racers, we can be a very strong marketing tool for Colorado karting.

    just my $0.02 :cheers:


    Why isn’t it run that way in the first place? That would be really good for the sport. It would up the numbers in all classes, which like you said, gives better racing. Also all the people who run a second class are already spending the extra money for tyres, fuel, oil, etc. Give them the same transponder to use in both classes. If there is not a cost than it might get more people involved in participating in two classes and that in turn would put more money back into the CSC because of the extra needed materials. It also would in turn make our drivers quicker all around racers because of the extra experience and race time. It would also create safer racers, because of again, extra time in traffic and a race. Isn’t that what we all want? To compete against and become quicker and safer racers?

    Zach Gillis
    TaG Senior
    (970) 224-2848
    Fort Collins

    Rusty Newberry

    Are you guys talking about running 2 (or more) different packages or just moving weight around?
    Other than the fact it is another source of revenue I guess I don’t know why it has been done that way in the past.


    Angie MacEwen

    This question needs to be answered by the track owners. The CSC could waive just the portion of the entry fee that it gets, but the tracks would have to choose to waive the rest of the 2nd entry fee.



    I disagree. We do not need more people running more than one class causing additional restraints and headaches with the scheduling. We are trying to combine classes in the heats, and we are trying avoid any time between heats. The more people that run multiple classes the more difficult this becomes.

    If anything, we should charge extra for those who wish to run more than one class at these large, long events.

    As for the cost, entry fees amounted to 5% of our race budget last year. I suspect for most people in the CSC the percentage was less than that.

    I challenge you to find any race track that allows multiple entries for one price.

    Rod Whetstone

    Mike Jansen

    The old adage, nothing in life is free applies to this one in my opinion. I DO think if you want to run two then there should be a reduction for the second entry fee. I have to side with the business owners (ie track owners) They are doing this as a profit making business, is that wrong? No.

    Besides, the proliferation of classes is what makes for a long day (and poorly run/oragnized race days)

    Also, other than TAG Masters TAG Seniors what other classes are you going to use the same equipment???


    I believe the second class you run should cost something. My son runs two different classes and currently has three karts. So not using the same equiptment for the multiple classes. I think the track owners/promoters should make a profit. I am however supportive of second class at 50% of the cost of first class run.

    Brian Moore
    Father of Brandon Moore #77 jr.1 comer, and novice shifter, Would run mini max if it were seperated out too.


    If people think that any type of motorsports is very inexpensive, then let me know because I have never seen it in my lifetime. If someone wants to just race, regardless of where they finish, then the club races are available for all to tear it up. I am pretty sure that you would get in more racing than you could handle if you raced in all of them. The CSC puts on races that are well organized and by having them sanctioned by SKUSA it brings a whole new entity to the mix on the positive side. Regardless of what your wanting out of an organization, everyone has expectations and sometimes they are met and sometimes you just have to bite a little harder on that burlap strap until what you dislike settles with you. I vote that we wait and see how much fun we have this year as it is structured and then start bringing in new ideas if need be. It’s about time to race…. As my ol’ jujitzu instuctor would say “Let’s get it on”. 😆

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