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    I am rehabilitating a Tecumseh Star kart. Is there class anywhere where it can be raced currently?

    Cherry CreekNews


    Not really… IMI might let you run with the Limited Mods but you would just be lapping. If I were you, I sell that motor back East on ebay or and buy this Limited Mod or a World Formula. The Limited Mod has a big group at IMI. Or you can get a World Formula and race down at CRE in the Springs. That’s all the 4 cycle sprint stuff that is left in Colorado unless you want to dirt oval race.

    WF #45


    What dirt oval racing is it eligible for?

    Also is VKE engineering still around?
    Cherry Creek News


    I just did a quick check, and it not looking to good dirt oval any more.

    Your best bet is IMI 1/4 dirt track call them up and they will tell you.

    Valley Dirt Riders use to… but I don’t see karts on their site any more

    Same deal with I76 speedway

    Here’s some info on the Burlington track

    Good Luck

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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