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    Just my opinion:

    I suggest we consolidate the shifter 125 classes into 2 categories: Light and Heavy. Let’s do away w/the Pro, Noivce, Masters, Stock.
    By doing this we could provide more track time for practices and races for all classes that are a part of the CSC.
    By my calculations we could save 1hr 20min on practice alone.
    Or we can just have 1 practice on race day 10min ea for all.

    Holla if you hear me.

    Mike Jansen

    In F1 and in Indy and in Champ car you get NO practice on race day! Your practice days are the days leading up to the race. By then you should have enough data to adjust.

    That said, I hear you Ian. It’s more exciting watching 15-30 karts versus 4 to 6 karts. The writings on the wall. Consolidate. Or eliminate practice race day. Or both. I’d rather eliminate and consolidate.


    I agree to an extent, but this is niether Indy, or Champ Car – I think everybody agrees that the less classes / more consolidated everything is, the better race day is as an experiance.

    I don’t know wether heavy / light is the way to go – I think a close look at the difference in times would be in order, but yeah – combining classes, I think, is a good move.

    I still think qualifing on practice day (Saturday) is still something to look at, while maintaining time Sunday morning to get in at least one good practice session before racing begins.

    just my opinion,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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