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    This semianr was fantastic and kudos go out to Kurt and Doug! I actually learned a lot. You got to ask the specific questions that we all had and get understanding answers. Doug is an excellent speaker and a great promoter for Karts in the Rocky Mtn area.

    If you missed it, you really missed one! About 30 people showed up.

    The “triangle” is the BIG thing! I can see the real value of the person who understands it and knows what to tweak to correct the problem-right Preston!

    Another good seminar coming with AIM. I got to miss it. Boy I could see another seminar on:

    Carb/plug adjustments
    Alignment where you actually use some of the tools to align a kart: RLV/sniper/discs & tape measure

    I would even pay $20 to attend this.

    Joe Rosse

    I strongly second Rich’s comments. I’ve read a couple books and lots of handouts on the topic, but this was the first time that the underlying CONCEPTS sunk into my thick skull. Thanks, Doug, for taking the time and to Curt for making the arrangements.

    Curt Kistler

    Thanks for the kind words guys. Your welcome. And thanks to everyone who brought the goodies to munch on and drink.
    How do you spell success? Matt and I were to be in Keystone at his grand dads house by 4pm. Well we got here about 5:30. Due to the amount of folks who showed up, and the length of the Q&A session, we got out of there late. No problems at all, I was just happy that something like this can happen, and it was by all means successful.
    What’s next? How about that motor seminar, or classroom driving session, track rules and driver ediquite… Time is left to have some volunteers step up, and my shop is always open to host an event.
    Thanks again go out to Doug Welch. We have never beat a Welch kid when it matters, however, now we have a little more info he shared making us a little bit faster in ’04.
    Curt Kistler

    Marc Elliott

    Man I wished i could have come, but it looks like yesterday was the better day for testing, so we did that, and had great success, if there is another seminar on whatever, i will probably go.

    Ben Schermerhorn

    Yes, THANKS DOUG AND CURT! We learned a lot of things that we are going to have to do on our italian chassis, then we did on our old Margay. Thanks, for all the info and help, and Curt thanks for the facility and food!

    Bruce Boman

    I wanted to voice my thanks too! Great job!

    Mike Edwards

    Thanks to everyone………It’s the first time my 10 year old son asked me to take notes! He got home and went straight to the garage and started checking his kart over.

    Thanks again
    Mike & Tyler Edwards

    P.S. He also started giving his 13 year old sister driving tips….That got interesting in a big hurry!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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