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    Well we are gaining some momentum…
    I just bought a second kart for my son for next year.. My friend is going to use it for the remainder of this year. So now we have two, plus another from the CRE crew is joined in and looks like maybe someone from the Denver area might come down and play with us…
    It would really be great to get a couple more.. talk about some great racing with 6 of us. I am trying to get everyone together before the next race so we can go at it in August. George has another kart available with a new engine ready to go.. Great price.. great way to get started.
    Went out and watched the races on Sunday… I got to tell you, the Briggs class was not that much slower than the rotax class on the CRE track.. So for the money, this class rocks..
    So if your thinking of getting into the sport, or want to start spending less.. this is the class for us!
    Thanks everybody… hope to hear from you..
    We will have both Karts out at CRE on Sunday for test and tune and FUN
    Brad :cheers:


    Hey Brad,
    I could not find any rules on the CRE website. What are the rules for the class? Tires, Fuel, Weight, and Motor spec? I am assuming box stock on the motor of course but is George sealing them? If so, is it only CRE sealed motors or will CRE seal non-CRE box stock motors? Then what?s the seal charge if that’s the case?



    Okay… right now we are not sealing the engines… Just be fair and make sure it is stock.
    The specs are as follows:
    360 lbs. minimum
    Factory Header, RLV pipe #5447s and RLV silencer #4108
    Dunlop SL-4 spec tires front 4.5 / rear 6.0
    Fuel is VP MS 98 I believe. He sells that on site.
    This is about it.
    Thanks.. Next race is August 20th!!!

    Another racer is having George put one together for him this week, so hopefully we will have 5 on the 20th, and another interested Father and Son was there Saturday and sounds like they are going to go for it to.

    Let’s get some more..

    It’s alot of fun.. I was out with my son and friend Sunday and had some great racing..


    I want to correct some information in the above post, in case there are other racers building a World Formula kart for CRE. The American 4108 silencer is wrong. CRE runs the Canadian RLV 4110 version which is not as loud as the American version… of course.

    If any one new is showing up for the Sept 17th race, let timberwolf or myself know. I have jetting, gearing, and other setup information that I will gladdly share.

    WF #45

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