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    While I’m logged on this morning, I’d like to ask a question…..Does anyone know the name of a company that manufactures brackets for ignition boxes, coils, and fuel pumps for shifters? I’ve seen several different types and I’ve done a web search of karting products but I have so far been unsuccessful. I’m getting tired of attaching our ignition box to the floor pan with velcro!

    Bruce Boman

    QRC Karts
    22805 ANTELOPE BLVD.
    RED BLUFF, CA 96080
    1-800-446-KART ? 530-527-9199 ? FAX – 527-9209
    Billet Ignition Mount
    Product #: IM 500
    Billet Ignition Mount
    Price: $25.95 You Save $8.55!

    Rieken’s Racing (319)373-2018 365 7th Ave., Marion, IA 52302
    RR FPB
    Aluminum Fuel Pump Bracket

    Curt Kistler

    There are many different companies that manufacture these types of parts, however, with the different kart set-ups, one size does not fit all. I have purchased brackets in the past and had to modify them to fit our car. My suggestion is to have Barry Lewis at BILLET custom make your bracket to your car. The price will surprise you, and it will look like it belongs on your machine. Give him a call before your money goes out of town. We did, and have received many compliments on our brackets.

    Rodney Ebersole

    Wanye, come up and I’ll help you make your own. I’m sure we could add at least 1 placebo effect HP to the parts. You could order them but that would be too easy and less expensive and not a waist of time. So the ones we make would have to be faster.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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