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    jack jensen

    Hello all. new to this forum. I need help with bolt patterns please. Own an 02? Renspeed/Rotax and was told that is shares CRG parts. I want new wheels for it but frt and rears have different patterns. 3 x 58mm frt and 3 X 52?mm rr. New rear hubs would make wheel availability better but what about the fronts. In addition CRG’s are different than metric so I’ve been told. Thanks, jack

    Doug Welch

    CRG uses metric wheels, just a different pattern front and rear than every one else. For the rear, you can use standard wheels, drill the bolt hole out to .320 diameter and they will work as the rear pattern is only .5mm different from standard. For the front, you got to buy CRG’s stuff. There are no other options.

    jack jensen

    So the rear seems to be an easy fix. Being that the only option is CRG for the front the likelihood of 4 matching wheels is doubtful. The only CRG wheels I can find are magnesium and in black. I guess I shouldn’t be concerned with having the fronts and rears match. Thanks for your help

    gunter desanti

    Good to see you still taking an interest in the karting forum,
    your advice and expertice will allways be welcome.
    Hope all is going well for you in your new venture.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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